Washington State Community College adds new trustee, dean

Jona Hall, dean of transfer and public services at Washington State Community College, talked about the Corrections Academy program during the board of trustees meeting Monday. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

A new trustee and dean were introduced during Monday’s meeting of the Washington State Community College Board of Trustees.

Jodey Altier, president and managing partner at Perry & Associates, was sworn in as the new trustee, while Jona Hall was introduced as the new dean of transfer and public services.

Hall said she’s spent a little over 20 years in education, with the last 14 in the Marietta City School system. She resigned her position as director of curriculum and technology with Marietta and started her new position at WSCC in January.

“I’m excited to be here,” she said.

¯ It was approved for Board Chairman Bernie Anderson to sign an architectural engineering contract with Sol Harris/Day for the health lab construction contract.

Brandon Herb, director of facilities, said the project will cost an estimated $2 million.

¯ Ohio Senate Bill 40 must be implemented by March 24.

The bill states that “no state institution of higher education, or any of its administrators acting in their official capacity, shall prohibit any individual from engaging in noncommercial expressive activity on campus, so long as the individual’s conduct is lawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the institution.”

WSCC President Dr. Vicky Wood said the college was sent a list of requirements the state wants enacted.

“The government has mandated it be passed by March 24,” she said.

Trustee Randy Barengo asked if the mandate could be modified, and Wood said a request would be sent.

Barengo asked Policy Proposal 7.3, which would enact the bill, be tabled until the next meeting.

¯ Sarah Parker-Clever, vice-president of academic affairs, told the board about a proposed Small Business Entrepreneurship one-year certificate. She said it would prepare students to own their own small business or team with others in a small business.

“Upon completing this certificate, students will have the option to begin work in a business setting while continuing to complete the two-year associate degree in business management,” the proposal notes.

¯ Hall said 14 members of local law enforcement have signed up for a four-week Corrections Academy. The academy will be held again later in the year.

Officials said the classes are to ensure all officers have the technical instruction and are knowledgeable on state guidelines and regulations. Classes will be held Monday through Friday in the evenings.


At a Glance:

¯ New trustee was sworn in.

¯ Ohio Senate Bill 40 was discussed.

¯ Some 14 students have signed up for Corrections Academy.

¯ Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificates were proposed.

Source: Washington State Community College Board of Trustees.


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