Airport sees possibility of extending contract

Photo by Candice Black The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Aiport hopes to continue to partner with Contour Airlines by extending its contract for four years. The topic was discussed during last week’s Wood County Airport Authority meeting.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport hopes to extend the contract with Contour Airlines as discussed during last week’s Wood County Airport Authority meeting.

Originally, the contract with Contour Airlines would be completed this September, but airport manager Glen Kelly said he hopes it will be extended.

“I found out that we could move forward with asking to extend that contract. They’re doing it for the same price and we have asked to extend it for four more years,” Kelly said.

If the contract isn’t extended, the airport would have airlines putting in bids and doing presentations while still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for us, I hope it works. We could keep a good service for a longer period and maintain continuity,” Kelly said. “The airplanes they bring us are fantastic and the completion rate is off the chart compared to the last folks we had. I think it’s a great opportunity for this area and this airport to maintain service with one of the greater airlines in the country.”

A few other pieces of airport business were discussed during last week’s meeting involving inspections, projects and maintenance.

The Precision Approach Path Indicator, which helps provide pilots maintain the proper landing approach, has terrain that gets in the way.

“I feel like we need to research. We could have to re-engineer the whole system which would be really expensive,” he said. “Putting in a new PAPI would be a couple hundred thousand dollars.”

The terrain in question is not owned by the airport and Kelly hopes the angle of the PAPI can be changed which would solve the problem.

“It’s much easier trying to adjust the angle than to try and purchase that land and remove the obstruction,” he said.

The construction on the main terminal and general aviation building roofs is expected to be completed this week and the beginning stages of the LED lighting project is scheduled to take place this week.

Thanks to the $50,000 given to the airport from the Wood County Commission, the airport will conduct a geological survey to diagnose an issue with the land behind the parking lot.

“Downstream, we’ve got a big erosion and it’s eating to the bank towards the parking lot,” Kelly said. “Once we figure out the problem, hopefully we’ll have an estimate.”

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com


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