A bittersweet sound

Photos by Janelle Patterson Second-grade students of Harmar Elementary School race to take their final chance at ringing Marietta’s birthday bell at the Fearing House Museum on Wednesday.
Glen Wolfe hands off a bell pulley to a kindergartener from Harmar Elementary while peers brace for the sound of celebrations for Marietta’s 233rd birthday at The Fearing House Museum Wednesday.
Photo by Kyle Nichols For a final time as Harmar Elementary School students, teachers, aides and administration, the group joined volunteers of the Fearing House Museum. They found Marietta’s birthday Wednesday to be a bittersweet celebration before the school closes its doors at the end of this school year. Principal Cheryl Cook said she’s not dwelling on the loss of the school, but on what celebrations can occur before the district shuffles elementary students and middle school students to new building configurations. “But I think I might have some pull with Washington’s new principal, you never know,” she chuckled.
Fearing House Museum Volunteer Mary Jo Hutchinson hands a certificate to a kindergartener Wednesday after she rings the museum bell for a final time as a Harmar Elementary School student.


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