Drone gives Putnam Elementary students a bird’s-eye view

Standing in pods of each grade on Thursday, students and staff watch the drone as it takes their picture at Putnam Elementary School. (Photo by Nathan Reich)

Students and staff emptied out of Putnam Elementary School and into the playground to have their picture and video taken by a drone on Thursday.

Scott Kratche, principal at Putnam Elementary School, said the reason for the pictures and videos was a send-off from Putnam Elementary School, which will be closing down after this school year.

The students had a brief fire drill before they lined up by grade level in preparation for the drone.

The operator of the drone was Nathan Reich, videographer and photographer, and he was approached by Putnam Elementary after he did drone work for Warren Elementary’s closing. He volunteered his services for free.

“We did the same kind of thing and the kids really liked it,” Reich said. “Somebody just asked me to do the same thing so I thought it would help them out.”

Putnam Elementary School students and staff wave goodbye to a drone on Thursday. (Photo by Kyle Nichols)

Kratche said the pictures and video will be a keepsake and memory for the students to have of their time at Putnam Elementary.

“I think it will just be a neat way to remember the experience. We’ve had a great staff and students,” Kratche said. “The six years I’ve been at the school has been positive, and it’s been great working with the community.”

Reich said the pictures and videos will be a way for the children and their parents to look back at the past.

“The kids will remember it when they’re older and the kids’ parents will remember when they went to school,” Reich said. “The school I went to is going to be closing, Harmar, so just time passing on and hopefully a memory to remember the way things were, and hopefully we are moving in a positive direction.”

The students lined up in several different ways for the drone, waving and smiling at the camera.

As a drone flies overhead and takes pictures on Thursday, Putnam Elementary School students and staff watch and smile. (Photo by Kyle Nichols)

At the end, all the faculty and students clumped up together and sang happy birthday to Kratche as the drone flew overhead.

Kratche said the Parent Teacher Organization will be paying for each child to have a photo.

Reich said the idea of the pictures was to capture the day and the energy of the students.

“I’m just trying to capture the 60 different years at least of different kids in grades and all the people that have grown up in this school,” Reich said.

Putnam Elementary School students and teachers try to watch the drone as it repositions on Thursday. (Photo by Kyle Nichols)

From the birdseye view of the drone, Putnam Elementary School students and staff smile up to the sky on Thursday. (Photo by Nathan Reich)


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