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Hope Center Ministries comes to Mid-Ohio Valley

The first Hope Center Ministries for the Mid-Ohio Valley held their ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday. A local pastor, Rob Clegg, who worked to bring the Hope Center Ministries to the Mid-Ohio Valley spoke at the event.

MARIETTA — A faith based recovery program is working to make a difference in Ohio, and eventually West Virginia as well.

The first Hope Center Ministries for the Mid-Ohio Valley held their ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday, joined by residents, family members and community members.

The Marietta location will be home to over 20 men, who are completing an 8 to 12 month (though sometimes it could be longer if necessary) rehabilitation.

“The purpose of Hope Center Ministries is to provide men and women with the opportunity to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction through their faith,” according to the Hope Center Website.

The Hope Center Ministries have over 30 campuses nationwide, though this is the first location for Ohio.

“I remember walking in the door for the first time, after driving for nine hours,” said recovery coordinator Jed Stevens.

“Five months ago myself and two residents walked into this very empty house; nothing was here but 22 empty beds. Today, five months later we have 11 residents, 14 volunteers, 5 bible study teachers, 11 counselors 3 group counselors weekly classes and 11 salvations and baptisms.”

Stevens took the time to thank those gathered for helping them make those numbers possible.

“This is a chance for this community to come together and work to make a difference,” said Stevens. “Saving one life at a time, one day at a time.”

The website said the vision of the ministry is to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction find the hope that only Jesus Christ can bring.

“We seek salvation for those that some would say are beyond hope. Hope Center Ministries is not just about getting sober, but about helping these men and women find a new life in Jesus,” the website stated.

A few of the current residents spoke at the ceremony Saturday, and shared how the program has changed their lives.

One of those residents, Brandon Crutcher, recounted his childhood and other situations that pushed him towards addiction. He noted how other programs didn’t work for him, because he needed faith.

“To make a life long commitment you need more than just time, you need God,” he said.

The program itself is a three phase program designed to support, residents work through the challenges in their lives, deal with root-issues and journey forwards with newfound hope.

The center uses a recognized, Christian-based 12-step program, and also require residents to work through several Bible-based curriculum, as well as participate in daily devotions and Bible studies.

Phase 1 lasts 6 weeks. This phase includes intensive classroom time, which allows residents an opportunity to enjoy thorough Bible studies and regular counseling sessions, as well as study a wide variety of Bible-based curriculum. This allows residents 45 days to focus on the core issues of their alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Our leadership team assists residents in mapping out a plan to live free from addiction and helps residents discover God’s purpose in their lives.

Phase 2 can last anywhere from 20 to 38 weeks, depending on the length of time the resident will be utilizing the center. It is designed for the benefit of the residents to learn the responsibilities and importance of working a full day as part of their recovery. In addition to morning and afternoon meetings, Bible studies and one-on-ones, residents learn life skills, job skills and a strong work ethic as instructed in the Bible.

Phase 3 lasts 8 weeks. At this phase, residents moved into an extended living setting, earning money to help get a new start in life. Residents are still required to attend Celebrate Recovery meetings, family support groups and two church services every week.

Stevens explained that this is not a hospital type situation.

“It’s a beautiful Christian home with a brotherhood of support,” he said.

Kevin Robinson, the campus director said funds have been raised to purchase property for a campus in West Virginia, they are now in the process of looking for a location.

For those who would like to volunteer, there will be a training held on June 27 at 1 p.m. at the Celebration Center in Belpre.

Madeline Scarborough can be reached at mscarborough@newsandsentinel.com


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