Cairo Days returns

CAIRO –As vaccines for COVID-19 have become widely available with restrictions and mandates being lifted, people have begun to get back out and enjoy events.

The city of Cairo brought back “Cairo Days” an annual event that had to be canceled last year due to pandemic concerns.

“I think it’s great to see a bunch of people out,” said Sherry Miller, who was working one of the downtown shops open for the event. “It has been an odd year. I am so excited to see events starting back up.”

Local businesses weren’t the only ones happy to see events attracting people into town.

As part of “Cairo Days”, craft vendors set up for people to shop at while enjoying face painting, live music and a parade.

“This is the third event I have been able to go to this year,” said Lisa Hoover, a local crafter.

Hoover crafts full time, and said that during the pandemic the only way she was able to stay afloat was by integrating her products into vendor based stores.

“I hated not being able to interact with my customers,” said Hoover.

Other local organizations were also at the event raising funds, such as the Harrisville Senior Citizens.

They sold diamond embroidery to raise funds for the club, which has started meeting back up in person.

“I am glad to see so many people turn out, and things start getting back to normal,” said Dee Ulderich activities director.

At noon, the city also held a parade to celebrate the event.

Madeline Scarborough can be reached at mscarborough@newsandsentinel.com


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