Health Dept. searches for administrator

Little more than a month after the Washington County Health Department administrator resigned for personal reasons, the search for his replacement continues.

Marietta resident Jim Carpenter accepted the position of administrator in April.

Bruce Kelbaugh, president of the board of health, said the board has reviewed and rated the resumes they received.

Interviews will be set for the top six candidates at 4:30 p.m. Dec. 13.

He said there has been some difficulty with the process so far.

“We advertised on Indeed and they don’t necessarily…they are supposed to separate by what we advertised for,” he said. “We got over 100 (resumes) and many, many … most of them…weren’t qualified.”

Each member of the board was to rank the top candidates, then at the special meeting held Monday night, the board compared notes.

“We got it down to the top nine and identified the top six to interview,” he said. “We have three alternates in case someone passes (on the job offer), which has happened in the past.”

He said the board of health will vote on who will be named administrator, but include the opinions of the health commissioner, Dr. Richard Clark, and the interim administrator, Morgan County Health Department Administrator Jeff Michaels.

“They don’t get a vote, but they can certainly give their input,” Kelbaugh said.

Michaels signed a contract to be interim administrator through the end of January.

“It’s possible we could choose someone in December,” he said. “If we don’t like someone, we’ll have to continue the search.”


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