iTech offering AR service tech software

PARKERSBURG — iTech has announced an exclusive new service that will allow local businesses to use augmented reality to diagnose and provide service virtually.

Thanks to a newly developed software called CareAR, service teams can provide instant service remotely to support customers and workers in the field. In addition, businesses can avoid costly dispatches and reduce time-sensitive resolutions, while fostering safety.

Specifically, remote experts can virtually assess situations and visually guide customers and service techs using a suite of augmented reality tools via desktop, mobile or smart glass devices as if they were there in person.

CareAR can help with some of the major issues impacting local businesses, iTech President Mike Williams said.

“With the current high cost of gas, businesses can decrease their cost of putting vehicles on the road,” he said. “Instead of sending a service vehicle to fix a problem, CareAR provides an opportunity to address some services remotely.”

CareAR operates much like face time on a standard cell phone but with much more robust features. If a device such as an office printer needs service, customers can be guided through the repair without having extensive downtown while waiting for a service tech to arrive.

“CareAR allows service techs to view equipment remotely, pull up spec sheets, share diagrams, and highlight parts, all onscreen,” Williams said. “Experienced service techs can also work with less experienced techs remotely and guide them to perform the necessary tasks.”

For businesses struggling with finding qualified techs, CareAR helps to manage staff and resources more efficiently.

For more information, go to the CareAR website at www.carear.com or contact iTech at 304-485-2222.


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