Marietta City Council authorizes equipment auction

The Marietta City Council met Thursday to adopt multiple pieces of legislation, including those to authorize pieces of equipment to go up for bid. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

Legislation was adopted by the Marietta City Council on Thursday night to authorize for the bids of several pieces of city-owned equipment.

The equipment was mentioned a few weeks ago by Safety Service Director Steve Wetz, although nothing for the auction was set at the time.

The items that will go up for bid are a 2002 Ford E350 Rescue Squad with a minimum bid of $4,500; a 1983 GMC Sierra 3500 truck with a minimum bid of $5,000; a 2008 Spray Injection Patcher with a minimum bid of $6,500; and a 1994 Air Compressor with a minimum bid of $5,000.

He expects the online auction to start July 12 at govdeals.com.

The council also authorized the advertisement for bids for two ADA sidewalk projects in Harmar. They will be funded through Community Development Block Grant money, according to the ordinances.

The first project would remove and replace sidewalks along the north side of Virginia Street, beginning at Ward Street and extending west to the drive for 621 Virginia Ave. The project budget is estimated at almost $50,000.

The second project would remove and replace sidewalk along the north side of Lancaster Street beginning at Harmar Street and extending west toward George Street; the removal and replacement of sidewalks along the west side of Franklin Street from Lancaster Street south to Putnam Street, and the removal of trip hazard offset joints by sawing along Lancaster and Franklin streets, according to the opinion of probable construction costs.

The project would also include the installation of ADA curb ramps and crosswalks. The project budget is estimated at more than $124,000.

Councilman Geoff Schenkel said he was proud of the work the residents of his ward have done to help with these projects.

“I’m just happy to see this roll along,” he said.

Police Chief Katie Warden was on-hand for the adoption of Ordinance 93, which creates a permanent position of a second full-time captain in the Marietta City Police Department. The ordinance would also abolish the vacant detective sergeant position and the vacant part-time clerk position in the police department.

The legislation was introduced due to the appointment of Warden as police chief. Former chief Aaron Nedeff took his former captain position, but Ryan Huffman was demoted to sergeant after he was named captain with Nedeff’s promotion in August 2021.

The ordinance will allow Nedeff and Huffman to both take captain roles, with the legislation noting “it would be more prudent to create the position of a permanent second captain who would share with the present captain, equally, the duties of supervising and assisting the chief of police in adminstrating the Marietta City Police.”

Employee Relations Chair Cassidi Shoaf said by eliminating the two vacant positions, it would save the city about $23,000.

In other council news:

¯ Mayor Josh Schlicher said crews were slowly taking trees down and getting the city cleaned up after this week’s storms. He said debris from the storm will be around for the next week or so while crews work. He asked if there’s a drain in front of a house, for people to clean those out in case there’s another big storm.

¯ Marietta resident Wendy O’Brien asked about a cooling center within the city. She suggested the administration call local churches to find out if they would be willing to help. She said a plan should be figured out as it wasn’t going to get cooler.

“If there’s a warming station, there should be a cooling station,” she said.

¯ Charlie Lumbatis has lived in Marietta for the past four years. He said he would like to see more for the LGBTQIA community in the city. He advised of the MOV Independent Pride Party from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 25, on the Armory lawn.


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