“Robin Hood” returns

From the left, the Maid Marian played by Erika Jennings and Robin Hood played by Tim Kinker in the Mid-Ohio Valley Players Production of "Robin Hood" that takes the stage 7 p.m. Friday and 3 p.m. Sunday.

The final two performances of “Robin Hood” by the Mid Ohio Valley Players hit the stage Saturday and Sunday after COVID-19 sidelined the production for two weeks.

The family-friendly “Robin Hood” by Larry Blamire will be presented at 7 p.m. Saturday and at a matinee at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Players Theatre, 229 Putnam St.

Director Amber Smrek said she has been overwhelmed by the way her cast and crew have come together to bring the final two performances to fruition.

“When people sign on to do a show it is for a set commitment of time. Any time something happens that causes a show to be postponed you can’t expect that everyone will be available,” she said. “After months of rehearsal, many folks have put off other obligations until after a show closes.”

As soon as the cast learned that the show had to be canceled on June 25 everyone gathered to talk about postponing rather than canceling the last two performances.

“We wanted folks to have a chance to get well and thought the holiday weekend would be a difficult time to reschedule. Most of the cast and crew were able to make the River Roar weekend work,” Stage Manager Eliz Kinser said. We hope folks will enjoy the races during the day on Saturday and then come in to cool off and enjoy the show. Patrons will be out just in time for the fireworks and will already have prime parking spaces downtown!”

Three members of the cast and a crew member had to be replaced. Players veterans answered the call at the last minute.

R.J. Lowe is stepping in as Little John. Suzanne Walker has taken on the role of Queen Eleanor. Becca Buck is playing two roles as she picked up Hilton in Act 2. Jeremy Lewis stepped forward to run sound.

“When Amber asked if I would be willing to replace Erin O’Neill when a prior commitment prevented her from continuing, I didn’t have to think twice,” Walker said. “Coming together when something happens is what puts the community in community theater. I was unable to audition for Amber in April because of family obligations, but was thrilled I could help out in the end.”

While it was sad to lose three actors, it’s exciting to finish the run, Assistant Director Angela Shrader said.

“With the addition of R.J. and Suzanne we have a whole new show, a whole new cast,” she said. “When you bring in new actors it changes the dynamics so even if folks have already seen it we encourage them to see it one more time.”

“Robin Hood” is a comical retelling of Robin Hood and his merry men and includes a wise-cracking swordswoman in Maid Marian.

The show is sponsored by WesBanco. Patrons who had purchased tickets for the June 26 and 27 performances may use their tickets for either of Saturday’s or Sunday’s performances.

The cast is: Robin Hood – Tim Kinker; Will – Sean Shoop; Sheriff of Nottingham – Ike Eastwood; Riccon – Sam Bidwell; Guy – Nathaniel Maciag; Bishop – Kevin Knapp; King John – Sam Kinker; Little John – R.J. Lowe; Much – George Faber; Arthur – Leon Elliott; Alan – Nicholas Rake; Edith – Becca Buck; Friar Tuck – John Burns; Marian – Erika Jennings; Hilton – Becca Buck; Meg – Lindsey Dornon; Ellen – Morgan Maciag; Catherine – Sherri Knapp; Queen Eleanor – Suzanne Walker; Prioress – Rebecca Maciag; Director: Amber Smrek; Assistant Directors: Angela Shrader and Sherri Knapp.


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