Busy Bunch 4-H

The Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club met Aug. 7, at the home of advisor Herron in Beverly. Member Blake Lang called the meeting to order with Derrick Wheeler leading the USA pledge and Joel Schaad leading the 4-H pledge. The meeting was both a short business and work meeting, plus a family outing. Two demonstrations included: Derick Wheeler on “Show Rite Feed for Your Goats” and Austin Seaman on “Showing Dairy Goats and Parts of the Goat.”

Under the advisor’s announcements, the dates and information about Washington County Pen set-up and pen tear-down were given. Reminders included information about Barlow pen reservations. Members with animal projects were reminded about contacting your buyers and beginning preparations for the buyer’s thank-you posters. Under old business, the club began the work part of the meeting for the trash can project. The trash can committee had a markup already drawn for the decoration of the can. The trash can committee included Kaydence Roush and Landon and Blake Nibert. Every member of the club painted on the can.

Under the family outing part, all members and adults chose from 4 different types of pizza and 4 different types of cookies. After the can work was done, the whole club retired to the Beverly swimming pool. The 4-H club paid for the pizzas and the swimming admissions. The remainder of the meeting was spent on water fun.


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