JobsOhio partners with Career Center

Ensuring Southeastern Ohio is both economically competitive and attractive to prospective industrial or manufacturing companies requires a steady and available pool of highly-trained technicians in industrial maintenance. The Washington County Career Center, Adult Technical Training, in partnership with JobsOhio and its regional network partner Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG), have identified opportunities to support training the regional workforce to assist those companies. JobsOhio, Ohio’s private economic development corporation, will contribute more than $300,000 to help strengthen industrial maintenance in the region to keep Ohio competitive in today’s global economy.

Industrial maintenance mechanic technicians’ job duties vary by company. Generally, however, they perform preventative maintenance on industrial equipment, make repairs, and trouble-shoot mechanical problems. Many local companies are projecting retirements and attrition in undustrial maintenance over the next three to five years at numbers that far surpass current enrollment in the field.

In addition to equipment and marketing, JobsOhio’s contribution will support employer strategies such as upskilling their incumbent workers to better position them for career advancement and long-term career pathways. Tony Huffman, director of Adult Technical Training at the Career Center, is optimistic about the potential influence this investment will make for local companies and residents. “Companies will likely request multiple models of training delivery,” says Huffman. “Some may wish for their employees to take the full program, others will want to slot their incumbent workers into specific courses, and still others may wish to completely customize the training delivery model.”


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