Man jumps in Ohio River after police chase in Marietta

From staff reports

A Little Hocking man was arrested Thursday after leading police on a chase through Marietta and then jumping in the Ohio River in an attempt to evade officers.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks said that a detective from the sheriff’s office was driving down Seventh Street at approximately 9:30 a.m. when by chance, he pulled up behind Levi S. Jarvis, 21, of 106 Meadowcrest Lane, driving his car.

“He just sort of panicked,” said Mincks.

Mincks said Jarvis then accelerated and turned into Tim Horton’s parking lot. At that point, Mincks said the detective activated his lights and sirens and looped around the parking lot while chasing Jarvis. Mincks said Jarvis then pulled out of the parking lot onto Seventh Street. When crossing Greene Street, Mincks said Jarvis was involved in a three-vehicle accident in the intersection. After sustaining minor damage to his car and causing the same to the other two victims’ vehicles, Jarvis continued down Seventh Street, hitting a parked truck in the 300 block.

After the second accident, Mincks said Jarvis fled from the vehicle and jumped into the Ohio River, trying to swim to the other side in hopes of escaping. Mincks said Jarvis turned around a short way into the swim and returned to shore.

“He said it was too cold,” he said.

Jarvis was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail with charges pending. No injuries were reported in the automobile accidents.

Minks reported a loaded .32 caliber pistol was found along with an unspecified amount of what he alleges was methamphetamine in the car.

The sheriff said Jarvis was likely on the drug when the detective originally pulled behind him and was the reason he fled.


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