YMCA continues transition to new location

The Marietta Family YMCA is on track to move its child care services into the new Colegate Drive facility by the end of the month.

“Licensing inspections are scheduled to be done next week, and we’re going to begin moving the day care stuff over,” said Miranda Ickler at the 300 North Seventh St. facility’s front desk Wednesday. “We should be over there, reopening the child care on the 28th.”

The move should only cause a one-day gap in child care, May 24, according to executive director Kerry Jean Waddle, and no holes in group fitness which will instead head outside until zoning approvals come through city administration in June.

“We’re calling them fun field trips, essentially it gives us the excuse to explore the outdoors around Marietta in our group family settings,” said Waddle. “We’ll have some runs out at the Broughton trails and down on the River Trail downtown, and we’ll hold some classes at the outdoor machines on Front Street, too.”

But registrations for summer camps haven’t changed, and neither has after-school care offered by the YMCA at city elementary schools

“We’ve tried to be as cognizant as we can of our parents that work and need this service,” said Waddle. “That’s why we’re aiming for a quick move over Memorial Day weekend.”

Then an additional zoning consideration will need to be reviewed by the city’s planning commission to authorize group fitness classes in the 1301 Colegate Drive location.

The next planning commission is scheduled for June 19, according to the mayor’s office.

“We were told we needed to add an addendum to our request the last time we were there,” said Waddle. “They approved child care in that location but needed more for the group fitness side.”

Ickler said in the meantime, group fitness equipment will be moved on May 31, the final day the YMCA will occupy the Seventh Street facility.

“I have the moving truck scheduled for the 31st,” she said. “We’re still operational this whole time, we just have to make the move in phases to keep offering needed services.”

What’s Next:

• Marietta Family YMCA is expected to receive its child care licensure for the Colegate Drive facility next week.

• Then childcare service will be suspended on May 24 and resume May 28 in the new facility.

• After-school care will continue at city schools without interruption.

• Group fitness classes will move outside through YMCA coordination while the organization awaits zoning approval from the city planning commission.

Source: Times research.


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