Marietta BOE hires two new administrators

The Marietta City Schools board of education approved hiring of two administrators Friday morning at a special meeting.

Bernie Boice, previously director of instruction for Belpre City Schools, was hired as district testing director and special education supervisor, a new position, board president Doug Mallett said. Boice, he said, will report to district director of student services Matt Dehmlow.

“It was needed,” Mallett said. “The numbers (of special education students) keep growing.”

Boice will be paid $74,700 a year, Mallett said.

Cody Venderlic was hired as athletic director, replacing Richard Guimond, who announced his retirement earlier this year. Venderlic, Mallett said, will come to Marietta from his current position as a teacher in Charleston, S.C. He originally is from St. Marys, W.Va., where his father was athletic director for St. Marys High School.

Venderlic, Mallett said, will be paid $57,901 a year. Guimond, according to Ohio Treasurer data, was paid $69,208.

Mallett said the approvals required a special meeting because the two new administrators need time to get adjusted. The effective date of the contracts is Aug. 1.

“They need some extra time to hit the ground running,” he said.

The board also approved adjustments to the administrative salary schedule to accommodate the two positions. Mallett said the action did not affect the salaries of other administrators.

Boice and Venderlic could not be contacted Friday.

Curriculum director Jona Hall said the new position filled by Boice is actually the restoration of a position that existed in administration previously but was eliminated about 10 years ago. Despite declining enrollment in the district, the numbers of special needs students have increased, she said.

“The annual meetings with those students can be quite lengthy, because of test analysis and other factors, and the numbers have increased drastically in the past few years,” she said. “I’m not sure what the reasons are, but part of it could be lack of home structure, we have children with birth defects, all the reasons that a child’s ability to learn is hindered. We need that position again.”

The job will also cover testing, which Hall said has become an increasingly demanding and important element for the district over time.

“You have to input the student information, prepare for testing season, and now it’s all online,” she said. “It does help the districts, but there’s still a lot of work to process, and it impacts the district’s funding and status.”

Hall said Boice was a good choice for the job.

“We’re very fortunate to have Bernie. I’ve worked with him for four years as curriculum director, and reached out to him many times for his expertise. He is going to be a big asset,” she said.

Both the superintendent, Will Hampton, and the principal of Marietta High School, Chad Rinard, said they’re looking forward to working with Venderlic.

“I’m excited we’re bringing Cody on,” Rinard said. “He’s got a lot of personal skills that will be of benefit to the students and to the community. He’s very passionate about his work.”

“I sense a lot of good energy coming off him,” Hampton said. “We’re glad to have him.”

The Marietta board of education special meeting

The board:

• Approved hiring of Bernie Boice as district testing coordinator and special education supervisor.

• Approved hiring of Cody Venderlic as athletic director.

• Adjusted administrative salary schedule to include the new position.

Source: Marietta Board of Education.


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