No timetable yet for Ohio 60 repair; rain hasn’t caused further issues

It’s still unknown how long a portion of Ohio 60 north of Devola will need to be reduced to one lane, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The northbound lane on Ohio 60 will continue to be closed as workers attempt to repair the damage from the landslide earlier this month.

“There are still temporary traffic signals in place with one lane closed,” said ODOT Public Information Officer Ashley Rittenhouse. “We continue to work with our consultants to come up with a design for a project to be sold to a contractor.”

The concern is that there could be further movement of the hillside if it’s not properly stabilized.

“So far, although we’ve seen quite a bit of rain here recently, we’ve not seen additional issues at that location and no other new slips that we’ve been made aware of,” Rittenhouse said. “Of course, that’s just something we monitor on an ongoing basis as far as the slips in our district, especially when we get heavy rains like we have here recently.”

Although there are traffic signals and barrels blocking the northbound lane, the road has been cleared of debris and traffic has been flowing with no major wait times.

Sitting in his company truck at the Par Mar in Devola, Mike Kinder, 34, a telephone communication engineer with Thayer Power and Communications from Grayson, Ky., said he had been through the traffic lights twice on Wednesday and there were no significant delays.

“It’s like waiting on a regular traffic light,” he said. “But it might be better if they build the road on top of the hill instead of beside it so this doesn’t happen.”