Beverly man charged with attempted murder

A 27-year-old Beverly man was arrested on four counts of attempted murder.

Kristopher T. Pasco, of 711 Zanesville St., was arrested Monday after allegedly firing a Hi-Point 9mm handgun at four people at his residence.

A release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reveals that a call was reported to the Beverly Police Department on Sunday by Dustin Harlow that he and his brother, Jeremy Harlow, had been shot at by Pasco.

During the investigation, deputies learned that Jeremy Harlow had received a call from Pasco’s live-in girlfriend, Josie Johnson, that Pasco was intoxicated, threatening her and scaring her. Johnson told deputies that Pasco wanted her to go with him to the Walmart in Marietta, but she refused because of his intoxication. Pasco then allegedly hit the side of their home twice with her vehicle trying to get her to come outside.

When Dustin Harlow, Jeremy Harlow and Ashley Yoho arrived to pick Johnson up, Pasco told them to leave. They told deputies they wouldn’t leave as they feared for Johnson’s safety, according to the release.

The sheriff’s office release then notes that Johnson came running out of the home, yelling that Pasco had a gun. As the four ran to Dustin Harlow’s truck, Jeremy fell and cut himself. The four victims said as they were trying to escape, Pasco began shooting at them, firing multiple shots.

Deputies found a bullet hole in the tailgate of the truck, as well as blood on the passenger side door from Jeremy’s cut. They also found tire tracks in the yard and two places where it appeared the house had been hit by a car.

Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Beverly Police Department searched for Pasco. When they called his mother, she reported that Pasco had made suicidal comments to her, so she went to his house and got his gun, which was put into police evidence.

Pasco was contacted by phone and he agreed to turn himself in. He admitted to the shooting, but claimed he was not trying to hurt anyone and he didn’t remember how many shots he fired.

Deputies searched Pasco’s phone and found texts sent to a friend advising “Yeah, man, we was arguing last night and he showed up and swooped her away,” “From my house man I grabbed a gun and slung some bullets at his truck”, and “Yeah man, I’m probably heading to the pokey for a while.”

His friend suggested that deputies would have to prove his shot at them intentionally. The friend said Pasco had accidentally fired the gun and that he was just drunk.

Pasco replied that he had shot the gun six times.