Observing Fire Prevention Week

WILLIAMSTOWN — First responders of the Mid-Ohio Saturday kicked off 2019’s Fire Prevention Week from Williamstown to the Washington County Fair Grounds in Marietta.

According to Parkersburg Fire Chief Jason Matthews, this year’s theme is “Not every hero wears a cape, plan and practice your escape”.

“Anyone can take steps to check that the smoke alarm is still working and that everyone knows the plan of escape if a fire does break out, and that can save lives,” said Matthews.

Marlina Bigley of Salem, Ohio, said the fire department from her area had recently gone to her son’s preschool class to teach about fire safety, and he loved it.

“I like that each of the area communities comes together to spread the word of fire safety, its not just one city’s effort, but a community effort,” she said.

The parade saw more first responders than just fire departments with the Wood County Mobile 9-1-1 center, police officers and ambulance services all joining in the festivities.

“As a first responder, our area’s safety is important, it is especially important to get involved with our community any chance we get so that the kids are not afraid to reach out to us for help, because that is why we are here,” said Loki Drumman, with St. Joe’s Ambulance Service.

Mayor Jean Ford of Williamstown said it was great to see the devotion to fire prevention the community has. She also was grateful for the appreciation from residents for what first responders do.

Madeline Scarborough can be reached at mscarborough@newsandsentinel.com