Area residents not interested in impeachment trial

Whether or not the U.S. Senate is sent the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, many local residents just want the ordeal to end. No one interviewed in Marietta Tuesday seemed interested in watching the trial on TV.

Representatives from the U.S. House will vote today to send the articles to the Senate nearly a month after they voted to impeach the president on charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

“It’s time we (send the articles),” said Scott McKitrick, 66, and a registered Democrat on Tuesday afternoon. “I’m all for it.”

The Marietta resident said he has been a registered Republican, as were his parents, but Trump’s actions have changed his mind.

Other residents, like Matt Clark, 46, of Marietta, said they don’t agree with the impeachment.

“I think the whole impeachment is stupid,” said the registered Republican. “I’m not watching it.”

Independent voter Kasey McCulty, 50, of Belpre, said he thinks the Democrats are looking for a way to oust the president.

“I think they’re just blowing smoke to try to get rid of the president,” he said. “They don’t like him because he’s making things happen.”

When asked on Tuesday about her thoughts on the House’s vote today, Marietta resident Kathryn Casto, 29, said she didn’t know the details of the impeachment, as she hasn’t paid much attention to it.

“When it’s time to vote, I pay attention,” she said, noting she has no party affiliation. “But I won’t watch any of it.”

According to the Associated Press, Republicans control the chamber, 53-47, and are all but certain to acquit Trump. It takes just 51 votes during the impeachment trial to approve rules or call witnesses. It also would take 51 senators to vote to dismiss the charges against Trump.

Parkersburg resident Alan Currence, 58, said he thinks Congress is part of the problem.

“The Senate won’t do anything with it,” the registered Republican said. “I think he’s done a good job, but I’m not interested in watching a trial. I just wish the states would get together and force them into term limits. There are people in Congress who have been in there way too long.”

Michele Newbanks can be reached at mnewbanks@mariettatimes.com.


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