Parkersburg turns out in support of President Trump at gathering

PARKERSBURG — Close to 150 people from across the Mid-Ohio Valley gathered at the corner of Murdoch and Lakeview avenues Saturday to show their support for President Donald Trump, his decisions and to protest against his impeachment.

Many of those gathered waved flags that read “Trump 2020” or held signs to voice their opinions.

“We (the nation) made a statement in 2016 by electing Trump, and thanks to that statement, we once again have pride in ourselves as a nation and people again,” said William Shrader, of Elizabeth.

“The people of America have spoken, and we will continue to stand behind our president, our commander in chief, as he stands up for our people and country,” Williams said.

Many passing cars honked during the rally, while others shouted statements such as “Boo Trump.”

Matthew Dodrill, a member of the Wood County Republican Party Executive Committee, said for every negative comment he heard, there was at least 20 honks in support of Trump.

“This is Trump country and each day more and more of West Virginia is voting Republican despite our Democratic roots from the unions,” said Roger Conley, event organizer and acting chairman of the Wood County Republican Party Executive Committee.

Conley continued discussing why he supports Trump.

“In addition to our economy being great, he (Trump) keeps us safe, negotiates, enforces sanctions and is not afraid to use force if needed. History proves he is in the right, Iran has done all kinds of evil, and now we have a president who is not going to stand for it,” Conley said.

“I feel electricity in air at this demonstration and I think we as a nation are ready for the election at anytime,” said Bob McKinney, who is a veteran of the Korean War.


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