County Democrats gather

Photo by Madeline Scarborough Katie McGlynn, left, was awarded the Washington County Democratic Chairs Award by Party Chair Willa O’Neill at Saturday’s Washington County Democratic Dinner in Marietta.

Washington County’s Democratic Party held a Valentine’s Dinner on Saturday at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Marietta, offering the local Democrats a chance to come together, socialize and meet some of those running for office.

The building was packed full with Democrats of varying ages to hear about or advocate for those running not only for a seat with the Ohio Supreme Court, but for President of the United States as well.

Statements such as “Together we can win the race” and “United we can save or democracy” could be heard all evening as the local Democratic party came together to talk about upcoming elections.

Standing united was among the most popular message spread at the dinner.

“We have one chance in November to save our democracy; no matter who wins in the primary we need to unite and support our candidate,” said Willa O’Neill, the Washington County Democratic Party Chair.

O’Neill reminded people to spread the word, because it is crucial people get out and vote in March and November.

Among event speakers were representatives for presidential candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. The representatives talked a little about each candidate such as their background and why they are running.

The evening’s guest speaker was Judge Jennifer Brunner, a candidate for Ohio Supreme Court. Brunner and fellow Democrat Judge John O’Donnell are each running for two available seats.

“Democracy is a fragile thing, and it is only as strong as people believe it is,” said Brunner.

Brunner said that democracy is held up by two pillars, the courts and fair elections.

“I want to be a part of a court that ensures that the first decision interpreting the state constitution’s new provisions for fair districts for Congress and the Ohio General Assembly, when challenged — and they in all likelihood will be — are fair and according to state constitutional requirements,” she said.

Other speakers included local candidates for the positions of county recorder, Congress in Ohio’s Sixth District and county commissioner.

“We need education, healthcare and a living wage,” said Shawna Roberts, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s Sixth District.

“We need people in office that pay attention to the everyday person,” she said.


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