Area groups get creative with egg hunts

PARKERSBURG — All throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, groups are gearing up to celebrate Easter, while still following the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines amidst the coronavirus.

One of the many ways the community is getting in the spirit is by holding social distance egg hunts.

Organizations such as churches and city officials said they got the idea from the “bear hunt” that went across the nation.

“Similar to the bear hunt, people are asked to put eggs in windows, trees or fronts of the driveways, so that kids can find them,” said Elizabeth Mayor Bobbi Moore.

Moore said their social distance egg hunt will be from April 10-12, and that she is encouraging the whole county to get involved, not just the city of Elizabeth.

“We want to normalize this time for kids as much as possible,” Moore said. “Kids, especially the younger ones, don’t grasp the concept behind why they can’t see grandma, go to school like usual or hang out with friends.”

Moore said the social distancing egg hunt will be photo finding only, and not to touch or gather eggs.

“Photos of eggs found can be posted onto the city’s Facebook page, or the Wirt County Easter Egg Hunt Facebook page, so that we can share in the fun,” said Moore.

South Parkersburg Baptist Church is also among those hosting social distance egg hunts.

“We asked our older church members to decorate eggs and put them where kids could find them,” said Cheyenne McCartney, a member of the children’s ministry group.

McCartney said they will be holding their egg hunt today from 2-5 p.m.

“Parents, please post photos of found eggs to our church site, so those who made them can see the joy they helped bring to the kids,” said McCartney.

There are other ways the community is helping to make this holiday a little brighter and normalized for kids.

Faith Fellowship Church in Parkersburg has been in contact with some of those in need, such as those who are laid off and may not qualify for unemployment or have not received funds and may need that money for essentials.

“I made 40 Easter baskets to be delivered to families who are in need of a helping hand this year,” said Joni Johnson, the church’s outreach director.

Johnson said some of her baskets were delivered to Mamma T., Teresa Racer and the Warriors, a street ministry group who work closely with the homeless population, for distribution around the area.

Johnson said the items in the baskets consist of toys and candy, as well as snacks like juice boxes, jello, chips and pudding.

“People in the church try to help by donating towards the baskets, and some of them I do on my own,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she wants to continue to help as needed, but that she is only one person, and can only do so much.

Johnson said those in need can always reach out to the church online or by phone at 304-488-1242 and they would be happy to help as best they can.

In Harrisville, Shop n Save Express is trying their best to normalize the holiday season and still practice social distancing.

“We normally put on an egg hunt for the kids and were devastated we would not be able to this year,” said Kayla Mayhew, office manager.

Mayhew said they came up with the idea to invite the Easter Bunny himself to pass out Easter Eggs he found to the kids.

“Parents can drive up and roll down the car window. The Easter Bunny will then pass out Easter Eggs all while maintaining social distances,” said Mayhew.

Mayhew said the Easter Bunny will be passing out eggs from 3-5 p.m. April 10-11.


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