Little Hocking Elementary celebrates with parade

LITTLE HOCKING — Students and teachers of Little Hocking Elementary School rang out the end of the school year with signs, bells and horns during their end of the year parade Saturday.

“It’s hard to see them just from a distance but I am glad they are doing well,” said Christin Kidd, a third grade teacher at Little Hocking Elementary.

The parade was not only a way for teachers and students to say goodbye to each other, but goodbye to the school building.

According to Robin Carter, principal of Little Hocking Elementary, the Little Hocking Elementary School building is closing and the students will all start the school year at Warren Elementary.

“It has been a crazy goodbye with a lot of emotions,” said Nerissa Hall, a fourth grade teacher with Little Hocking Elementary. “I have been here 21 years and it’s very bittersweet to think this is our last year here, but I am looking forward to the future.”

The teachers from Little Hocking Elementary will be teaching at the new building.

“I am sad that the students had to miss out on so many end of the year activities and field trips,” said Beth Maidens, a kindergarten teacher at Little Hocking Elementary.

She said she kept up with her students over Facebook. “I used Facebook live to read to them.”

Maidens said the parents were a great help when it came to keeping the kids engaged in learning through the completion of the school year.

“Although we couldn’t go places like the planetarium, we were able to continue the students learning online and do fun projects,” she said.

Although fortunate enough to be able to keep up with her students, Maidens said nothing could ever replace the one-on-one contact she is able to have in a classroom.

“After 20 years here it is just hard to believe I won’t be coming back to this building.”


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