Food pantries of Washington County: 3-C Food Pantry

Photo by Michele Newbanks 3-C Food pantry volunteer Bruce Kelbaugh and director Kenny Cunningham discuss the needs of the community at the food pantry this week.

Residents of western Washington County who are in need of food need only look as far as a local community center.

The 3-C Food Pantry is based at the Cutler Community Center on County Road 3 and has been serving residents of Decatur, Wesley and Fairfield townships for the last decade. It is open from 1 to 7 p.m. the third Friday of every month.

To receive a food box, residents need to show their ID and have a mailing address in qualifying townships.

“It’s income based, but we let them decide,” said Kenny Cunningham, food pantry director. “We don’t turn anybody down. If you need it, it will be here.”

Food is delivered to the center from the Logan food bank and from Harvest of Hope on the third Wednesday of the month. They also get meat from Kroger and Walmart.

Cunningham said the food pantry is important to the community.

“I grew up out here and felt the need to do it”, he said of working at the food pantry. “I practically know everyone who comes out here. It makes you feel good.”

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-packaged boxes are now brought out to the cars, but previously, people could come in and choose the food they received.

They were able to choose three cans of vegetables, three cans of fruit, three grains, four proteins and two soups. They receive assorted meat, such as chicken or beef, as well as bread, pastries, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese.

“To tell the truth, we’ve been blessed out here,” Cunningham said. “We treat people nice and they like us out here.”

He said the number of people utilizing the food pantry has dropped off, but he knows it will pick back up.

“It makes you wonder where people are getting food,” he added.

Bruce Kelbaugh is a volunteer at the food pantry and said they’ve seen as few as 35 and as many as 80 households served, but they average 60 households a month.

“We see a lot of elderly people who have lost a spouse,” he said. “They are very appreciative. Some leave with tears in their eyes.”

Residents aged 65 and over have a special food box that is delivered to the center on the first Thursday of the month. They can be picked up that day or on the regularly scheduled food pantry day, Kelbaugh added.

The senior food boxes include canned food, cereal, cheese, tuna, canned fruit and shelf milk.

Supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper and diapers are needed, as they aren’t available through the Logan food bank.

“We use whatever we get. We’ve been pretty blessed,” Cunningham said.

Michele Newbanks can be reached at mnewbanks@mariettatimes.com.

If you go:

•Who: 3-C Food Pantry.

•When: 1 to 7 p.m. on third Friday of the month.

• Where: Cutler Community Center on County Road 3.

•Available to: Residents of Wesley, Fairfield and Decatur townships.

Source: Kenny Cunningham.


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