MHS Prom and in-person graduation canceled

Marietta High School’s prom and in-person graduation are canceled this year.

“Looking at the numbers and with the 10-person (gathering) limit still in effect it was a tough decision,” said Principal Chad Rinard. “We wanted to give that closure to the 2020 class but putting 250 to 300 kids in a small space together, and potentially change the lives of them and their families if someone gets sick from us, we decided we couldn’t do that.”

The events were last scheduled to occur on July 31 (graduation) and Aug. 1 (prom).

Rinard said the announcement Thursday was also made to release the school’s event design partner from further booking delays.

“We rescheduled a few different times with them, back when we were hoping in May things would clear up, or by July but that’s not the case,” said Rinard.

Also weighing in as a factor in the decision was the vacation travel of some families with children at the high school.

“They’ve gone a lot of different places, like Florida and Myrtle Beach,” Rinard explained.

Graduated students will be allowed to return if a 2021 prom is able to be held, he also noted.


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