Moreno talks about 2022 election

When U.S. Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, decided not to run for reelection in 2022, a number of people filed their candidacy for his vacated seat.

Westlake resident Bernie Moreno announced in April his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

Born in Colombia, he came to the U.S. as a child and said he’s living the American Dream.

“I’m just a guy who likes freedom and fairness,” he stated on his website. “I treat people with respect; listen with a goal to understand.”

His belief system includes restoring respect for law and order and having a strong American military.

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Question: What made you decide to run for the U.S. Senate?

Moreno: I’ve always been a conservative businessman, but the last year of lockdowns and lawlessness has really shocked me. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I’ve got a good life. I don’t need to make money off a political office, and I don’t want to be famous. I just want to help fight for our country, and I believe we need outsiders to stop this dangerous lurch to the left.

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Q: What do you think are some of the biggest challenges Ohioans face today?

M: In Ohio, workers are about to see their purchasing power drop dramatically. It’s already underway–rampant inflation because of a government that does not respect the value of a dollar.

They print wildly and spend drunkenly because it’s good short-term politics. As always, it is working-class people in the heartland who pay the price.

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Q: What do you hope to accomplish if you are voted into the U.S. Senate?

M: I hope that I can bring a common-sense, business perspective to the U.S. Senate. We’ve got plenty of lawyers and career politicians. We need some patriots who have signed the front of a check to step up and call out the groupthink.

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Q: When Ohioans go to the ballots, why should they cast their vote for you?

M: I’m not from the crooked political system that produces the same-old politicians. In fact, I’m running because I’m fed up with that system. I believe that we can do better, and that we can protect the American Dream.

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Q: How do you think being an immigrant helps your campaign?

M: I’ve lived the American Dream, and I know that it’s true. The far left wants us to believe that this nation is fundamentally flawed. They want us to become something unrecognizable. I know how precious this great country is. I know that if we don’t win here, there’s nowhere left to go. I feel the urgency of this moment, because I’ve seen what socialism does to once-great nations. It’s why I’m so motivated in this mission.

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Q: Your campaign’s website has a page dedicated to things you believe. Can you explain some of your core beliefs?

M: I believe in the wisdom of the crowd over so-called experts. I believe in fairness and I believe in self-reliance. I believe that America is the greatest nation in the history of the world, and we need to protect our values from erosion.

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Q: Southeast Ohio is often overlooked when it comes to state and federal funding. If you are elected, what will you do to help those of us who don’t live in one of the more populated areas?

M: Too often, politicians are only focused on their power-broker buddies and the D.C. media. As a businessman, I succeeded because I never forgot who was in charge: the client.

I have a track record of making things happen and not just talk. I showed up every day in my business to make certain our clients were taken care of by the team. And I’ll show up to make certain the people of Southeast Ohio are taken care of by their government!

As a senator, I’ll always remember that the voter is my boss.

I’ll work tirelessly to earn support every day that I serve, not just campaign season, because that’s what the people of Ohio deserve.

Michele Newbanks can be reached at mnewbanks@mariettatimes.com.


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