Warren BOE confronted about mask mandates

Parents confronted the Warren Local School Board of Education on Monday night about mask mandates.

Board member Bob Allen said he was pleased it was a courteous meeting.

“The bottom line is that Kyle (Newton, school superintendent) did a good job presenting the guidelines from the health department that if we don’t have masks on a student and they’re in a room with someone (COVID) positive, essentially the whole class is quarantined,” he said.

He said that in one day, 400 students were absent from class.

“Since the mask mandate, the numbers have dropped significantly,” Allen said. “Most of the absences were because of close contact.”

He said they implemented the mask mandate and as a district, they would have to start figuring out how to end the mandate, “so we’ll be prepared when the numbers start falling.”

Melcie Wells, district treasurer, said Brittany Lee was hired as an assistant treasurer as “she does a tremendous job.”

“With the (building) project and COVID and everything that’s put on the treasurer’s office these days, it’s helpful having individuals that can do their jobs and serve their community,” Wells said.

Next month’s meeting is at 6 p.m. Oct. 18 at the high school.

“It’s going to be again in room 1710 and 1711,” Allen said. “It’s a nicer meeting place. It’s a nicer room and it’s handicap accessible.”

Leave of absence for


¯ Connie Morris was granted a State Teachers Retirement System disability benefit effective June 1.

Resignations – supplemental positions

¯ Samantha Benito, high school varsity boys swim coach.

¯ Neil Brague, junior high football assistant coach.

¯ Megan Joseph, middle school department chair.

¯ Connie Morris, middle school trip coordinator.

Employment – supplemental positions

¯ Sandy Vincent, high school Science Olympiad.

¯ Cindy Kubala, high school department chair.

¯ Courtney Stackpole, middle school department chair.

¯ Jerry Bedilion, high school yearbook.

¯ Brad Bentley, middle school junior high assistant football.

Employment – classified personnel

¯ Rex Alloway, elementary school custodian.

¯ Jamie Hamrick, EMIS specialist/treasurer’s office support.

¯ Amanda Jones, middle school cook.

¯ Abbey Tanner, middle school cook.

¯ Angela Wittekind, elementary school cook.

Recall from RIF

¯ Melinda Harvey to high school, classroom support aide.

Resignations – classified personnel

¯ Jarrod Merrow, bus driver.

¯ Mary Ryan, high school, junior varsity cheer coach.

Transfer – classified personnel

¯ Rex Alloway, from elementary school custodian with 191 contract days to elementary school custodian with 260 contract days.

¯ Brittany Lee, from payroll and benefits coordinator to assistant treasurer.

¯ Tracy Maston, from elementary school cook to high school cook.

¯ Virginia Price, from elementary school custodian to high school custodian.

Classified substitutes – Sherri Baldwin, Darlene Fulton, Megan Mahoney, Jarrod Merrow, Charity Rettenberger, Candy Reynolds, Morgan Venham and Tiffini Witte.

Michele Newbanks can be reached at mnewbanks@mariettatimes.com.


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