Senior takes high school band to new levels

Cassie Reynolds, a senior at Warren High School.

WARREN — Cassie Reynolds is a senior at Warren High School.

She has been involved in all aspects of band throughout her life.

Reynolds said she began playing in her school band in fifth grade.

“Since eighth grade, I have been involved in; Marching Band (my first year was my eigth grade year), Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and Pep Band,” she said.

Reynods has participated in Honor bands as well.

” I participated in the OU Honor Festival my sophomore year and Ohio Music Education Association District IX Honor Band from eighth-10th grade,” she said.

Her chance to participate in 11th grade however was canceled in 2020 due to COVID.

Reynolds has earned Superior Ratings at OMEA Solo & Ensemble events for the past three years.

In Marching, Symphonic, and Pep Band Reynolds plays the alto sax.

For Jazz Band she has played both the Alto and Tenor saxophones.

“Being involved in band has taught me many things that will benefit me for years to come,” she said.

Among those things are the skills to keep playing while in college.

“What I like the most about band is the creative ability I have,” she said. “Music is my heart.”

Reynolds didn’t just isolate her love of music to instruments however.

She has been in Choir all four years of high school — Voice and Acapella and is taking classes on music engineering and composition.

“For my Music Engineering class this year, one of my assignments was learning to play a different instrument,” she said. “I chose trumpet and my older brother Justin, who was also in band at Warren, gave me lessons.”

Her other older brother Logan also plays the alto sax.

“He’s always been there to help me become a better player,” she said.

In her free time, Reynolds said she also enjoys playing the guitar and piano; basically, playing by ear and teaching herself.

“This year for my Senior year, I added hand-bells to my list of instruments as well,” she said.

Reynolds is in Bells III.

She is also a member of the TRI-M Music Honor Society and a member of the Senior Band Council.

As part of another adventure along the way, she was picked to be a soloist in The Marching Warriors’ 2021 show, “Rise.”

“The moment I listened to the recording and heard my future solo, I fell in love and knew I wanted to go for it,” she said.

Reynolds said that in her opinion, “Rise” was a fantastically written show.

“It began with a straightforward, powerful opener, into a beautiful ballad. It then ended with a reprise of our opener,” she said. “Our music was not only phenomenally written, but our drill was very physically taxing, creating beautiful visuals on the field.”

Reynolds said that the show was a “truly fantastic” way to end her high school marching career.

“Music and the love of music runs in my family, not just with my brothers and I,” she said. “My grandparents played guitar and piano and my great-grandfather played the tenor saxophone.”

Reynolds said that because of so many musical inspirations surrounded her, music has always been important to her.

“Starting at age 6 I was traveling to all my brothers’ events, and they inspired me to follow my love of music,” she said. “I knew band at Warren with Mr. (Courtney) Clark was in my future and I couldn’t wait to have the opportunities they had.”

Reynolds said that both of her brothers continued their love of music after school and played in band at Marietta College, which she intends to do as well.

“After high school I plan to attend Marietta College and major in Psychology,” she said.

Her goal is to become a profiler for the FBI.

“I have always been interested in true crime since I was a little girl and want nothing more than to help serve justice to people,” she said.


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