More new COVID-19 cases in region, state

Morgan was the only county in the area to see a decrease in new COVID cases over the last week as statewide numbers continued to rise.

According to the latest statistics from the Ohio Department of Health, the average number of new cases per 100,000 people from April 28 to May 11 was 205.7, up from 146.9 in the previous period of April 21 to May 4.

Morgan County posted seven new cases in the latest span, compared to 11 in the earlier stretch. That gave the county of 14,508 residents a rate of 48.2, third-lowest among Ohio’s 88 counties. The previous week, it had a rate of 75.8, which ranked 65th highest.

Athens County, population 65,327, saw eight more new cases — 136 versus 128 — in the latest two-week period. Although its rate went from 195.9 to 208.2, the county actually dropped from ninth highest to 16th as others’ rates rose more.

Monroe County had 15 cases among its 13,654 residents for a rate of 109.9, which ranked 60th. The previous week, there were nine new cases for a rate of 65.9, which was 68th.

Noble County had the lowest rate in the state for two weeks running, with 20.8 on just three cases last week. For the most recent span, the county of 14,424 saw 13 new cases, and the rate of 90.1 pushed it to 70th.

Washington County, population 59,911, went from 30 to 39 cases and a rate of 50.1 to 65.1. That ranked 79th and 81st, respectively.

Ashtabula County once again had the highest rate in the state, 466.9, based on 454 new cases among its 97,241 residents. That’s nearly double the previous period’s rate of 243.7.


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