Williamstown swears in Mayor: Council members

WILLIAMSTOWN — Mayor Paul Jordan and Williamstown City Council members Marty Seufer and Pat Peters were sworn in at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Jordan, Seufer and Peters ran unopposed in the Wood County Primary Election in May.

Jordan announced the city appointments for the following year. He said he would like to keep things the same.

Peters will handle the department of street, sidewalks and the tree commission. Randy Dick will handle the pool and the park commission, as well as continuing his work with the old Williamstown Elementary School. Jim Stage will handle the departments of water, sewer and sanitation and the planning commission. Seufer will handle finance and Bee City.

Maria Hardy, engineer, said the bid opening of the asbestos abatement of the old Williamstown Elementary School will open on July 20 and close Aug. 16.

Jordan said the Williamstown boat docks will be closed during the Riverfront Roar fireworks display on July 9. He said the docks will be closed from 8 p.m. until the display is over.

“The boat ramp will be opened during the day, but if you’re not cleared out, out of the river and got your boat, car or truck removed, it will be there until after the fireworks is over with,” he said. “And it’ll be parked at your own risk.”

Stage said there was a sink hole between Henderson Avenue and Fifth Street that was filled in on Tuesday.

“But I’m a little concerned, we’re having to tear up Henderson Avenue again,” he said. “That street we’ve widened and everything, got it looking good and we’ve had to tear that thing up three or four times..”

Stage said the Planning Commission approved to split 1,298 square feet from 507 Columbia Ave. and add it to 509 Columbia Ave. Council voted to unanimously approve of the decision made by the Planning Commission.

James Dobbs can be reached at jdobbs@newsandsentinel.com.


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