Council planning for Dauber’s exit

The Employee Relation Committee and the Finance and Taxation Committee of Marietta City Council met Thursday to discuss procuring Bill Dauber’s successor.

Bill Dauber, director of budget and procurement for the city of Marietta, will be retiring at the end of the year.

Steven A. Wetz, safety-service director, said Dauber is currently working on the city’s budgets and felt as if his replacement should serve with him and work beside him for three months.

“We put our heads together and we came up with a date of Nov. 7,” Wetz said. “That would be when the actual budget process is over, but he would have time then to review all of his duties.”

Wetz said it is imperative that the successor spend time with Dauber before his departure. He said Dauber prefers pen and paper and has boxes of files stacked in his office that will need to be sorted through and brought into the new digital age.

They plan to create a temporary assistant position for Dauber’s successor and start them off at a reduced salary for the two-month period before Dauber’s retirement. After that period, the salary will start at $57,222.

Wetz said the director of budget and procurement position will handle at least 24 different duties.

According to Marietta Codified Ordinance 137.07.1, the duties for the job include:

¯ Analyze and forecast financial information (i.e. revenues, expenditures and debt) to ensure all city operations are within budget.

¯ Work one-on-one with city department heads to develop annual department budgets and present said budgets to city council for approval.

¯ Develop an annual budget and create an annual tax budget working with the city auditor.

¯ Use New World Operating system for budget preparation.

¯ Complete necessary paperwork for city projects, loan and lease programs.

¯ Prepare 5-year Capital plan.

¯ Act as a liaison between employer and insurance companies, shop renewals, budget expense to appropriate departments and handle all insurance claims.

¯ Research and analyze participation rates for aggregation programs and serve as a liaison between energy brokers and city.

¯ Prepare request for quotes for trash contract.

¯ Worker’s compensation forecasting budgets.

¯ Work with Enterprise fund department heads to set water/sewer rates.

¯ Monitor revenues and expenses to assess compliance to budget and make recommendations for variances.

¯ Assist in developing financial proposals for city projects.

¯ Recommend annual budget calendar.

¯ Develop financial policies for approval by city council, (i.e. debt management, enterprise fund rate schedules).

¯ Attend council committee meetings as needed.

¯ Everyday checks of purchase orders to verify account numbers and appropriate spend before approval is granted.

¯ Evaluate supplier options.

¯ Maintain purchasing files and price lists.

¯ Compare suppliers’ bills and purchase orders in order to verify accuracy.

¯ Maintain records of assets and equipment in New World system.

¯ Responsible for tracking Federal grant expenditures for entire city. The Employee Relations Committee plans to talk about the position more at its next meeting, which had yet to be scheduled.


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