Marietta committee talks projects, funding

Several new infrastructure projects in the works

Marietta City Council member Susan Boyer, chairwoman for the Streets and Transportation committee, asks Bob Heady, assistant city engineer, about funding for projects at Tuesday’s Committee meeting. (Photo by James Dobbs)

The Streets and Transportation committee of Marietta City Council met with the Finance and Taxation committee Tuesday to discuss several projects including asphalt resurfacing, fiber optic connections and safety.

Dave Hendrickson, project manager/engineering technician, met with the committee members to discuss the Ohio Public Works Commission Round 37 grant application and asked for authorization for the mayor to apply for the 2023 citywide asphalt resurfacing and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) curb ramps.

Hendrickson said the application would be asking for a $300,000 grant and a $100,000 loan.

“At this time, we’re proposing that our OPWC grant application streets would be Seventh Street from Ephraim Cutler to Putnam, Green Street from Hardwood Center Drive to Acme and Virginia Street from Gilman to corporation limits,” he said.

Hendrickson asked that the resolution be declared an emergency and suspend the second and third readings in order to meet the application deadline of Aug. 31.

Bob Heady, assistant city engineer, met with committee members to discuss several city projects.

The first project he discussed was phase two of the signal fiber project. This project will continue replacing traffic signals fiber optic connections along Washington and Third streets.

Heady said originally they were able to leverage federal dollars in total revenue credits and felt they would have a 0% match for the project. After the final estimation by the Ohio Department of Transportation, before bidding, ODOT wants Marietta to pay a 10% match for construction administration services, said Heady, due to the increase of construction costs. He said the 10% rate would be $93,726.14, but due to other funding available, they would just need to come up with $40,000 for the local match. He said this resolution would need to be declared emergency to keep on schedule with the Sept. 15 bidding date and have the paperwork in by Sept. 2.

Council member Susan Boyer, chairwoman for the Streets and Transportation committee, asked Heady where the rest of the funding for the match would come from and if it would impact other projects.

Heady said he would have to get back with her after checking the streets fund. She asked him to get back with her before the council meeting next Thursday.

Next, Heady discussed the AT&T Structure Access Agreement and the AEP Structure Access Agreement. He said both were related to the signal fiber project. He said the city needs to pay AT&T and AEP for design review fees and evaluations for connections to 18 existing poles.

AT&T is asking for a $2,300 upfront fee for renting the poles for 10 years and a $3,200 estimate for an engineering review. After the review AT&T could come back to upgrade its facilities and in that case the city would be responsible for any additional cost. AEP doesn’t have an upfront fee but estimates its engineering review at $4,905. The city would be responsible for any upgrade costs in the future.

Boyer asked Heady again to make sure that the funds would not impact other street projects.

Heady then discussed a funding opportunity for the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) discretionary grant. It is a competitive grant program that awards support for planning, infrastructure, behavioral and operational initiatives to prevent death and serious injury on roads and streets. He said if the city applies and is awarded the grant they would have five years to deliver and implement a safety plan.

Heady said the application is due Sept. 15. Boyer said they would add an emergency clause to suspend the third reading of the resolution.

Heady then spoke about applying for the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) 2022-23 partners in watershed management project assistance program. The program provides funding for stream bank restoration projects. The current proposed locations are; an unnamed tributary of Muskingum River along Colgate Drive from Brentwood Street to Merryhill Street; an unnamed tributary on Goose Creek along Hadley Lane from Channel Lane to Aurora Street; Goose Creek outfall at Ohio River; and Duck Creek along Hunter Avenue.

The project will help to stabilize and improve water quality and reduce flooding along existing waterways impacted from storm water runoff. Heady suggested to apply for $150,000 in design funds.

This application would also include an emergency clause to suspend the second and third reading of the resolution in order to meet the application deadline, as it is due Sept. 1.

The projects presented will go before Marietta City Council next Thursday to be voted on. The signal fiber project, which includes the AT&T Structure Access Agreement and the AEP Structure Access Agreement, will not go before council, unless Heady returns to the committee with information stating whether or not the funding for the project would impact other street projects.


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