Washington State Dean’s list

Washington State Community College (WSCC) recognizes students who have earned a place on the president’s and dean’s lists for the 2016 fall semester.

These outstanding scholastic achievements are earned by students who carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) to receive President’s List honors or a minimum 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for Dean’s List recognition.

President’s list

Nathaniel P. Fulton, of Marietta; Nicholas A. Mackey, of Reno; Benjamin L. Bowers, of Whipple;  James B. Hoban, of Marietta; Stephanie L. Ward, of Marietta; Deric W. Allen, of Cutler;  Deidre R. Smith, of Amesville;  Lindsay A. Thompson, of Vincent;  Juliana M. Clark, of Caldwell;  Abby E. Wigal, of Belpre;  Adam R. Bowers, of Belpre;  Madison J. Carpenter, of Marietta; Cole M. Maze, of Belpre;  Buffie R. Durham, of Marietta; Alexis N. Lane, of Belpre;  Kelsey E. Short, of Parkersburg; Erin M. Bernardo, of Marietta; Valerie R. Adams, of Waterford;  Aaron C. Lopreste, of Marietta; Jason A. Heiss, of Beverly;  Kyle G. Conley, of Belpre;  Lucas S. Phillips, of Lower Salem;  Megan Elizabeth Warner, of Lowell;  Amanda M. Chalfant, of Marietta; Jean L. James, of Marietta; Levi J. Childers, of Marietta; Marshall L. Grimes, of Elizabeth, W.Va.; Aubrey E. Henry, of Fleming;  Ryan A. Lamp, of Newport;  Joseph P. Sohn, of Marietta; Lindsay A. Michael, of Parkersburg; Michal N. Booth, of Marietta; Kacee J. Deer, of Marietta; Colton T. Sunderman, of Vincent;  Rebecca L. Mullans, of Parkersburg; Lauren R. Reynolds, of Stockport;  Garreth L. Durst, of Ripley, W.Va.; Abigail J. Robinson, of Marietta; Brody R. Gilliand, of Cutler;  Reilee E. Gillman, of Caldwell;  Kera L. Fordyce, of Walker, W.Va.; Ashley M. Ball, of Byesville;  Kellar D. Windland, of Belpre;  Katey A. DePuy, of Caldwell;  Mandy E. Offenberger, of Marietta; Sara J. Walker, of McConnelsville;  Jon D. Anderson II, of Marietta; Jada M. Baker, of Waterford;  Michael D. Greenlee, of Vincent;  Nichole K. Farson, of Barnesville;  Hannah L. Hensley, of Sandyville, W.Va.; Kelly A. Middleton, of Belpre;  Matthew A. Waggoner, of Middlebourne, W.Va.; Gage C. Herb, of Marietta; Christian M. Austin, of Marietta; Colleen Elfline, of Marietta; Emily R. Geogerian, of Marietta; Caleb J. Burnosky, of Belpre;  Ryan K. Swan, of Vincent;  Renee Elizabeth Seabolt, of Whipple;  William S. Allen, of Parkersburg; Hannah C. Barringer, of Reedsville;  Melissa D. Packer, of Vienna, W.Va.; Creighton L. Henthorn, of Parkersburg.

Dean’s list

Lloyd C. Wilson, of Marietta; Alan M. Smith, of Belpre; Angela D. Phillips, of Cutler; Marvin L. Meade, of Vincent; Eric J. Johnson, of Vincent; John L. Lantz, of Coolville; Mason A. Lang, of Lowell; Kayla D. Norman, of Belpre; Grace P. Allen, of Parkersburg; Allyssa I. Ritchie, of Beverly; Courtney R. Huhn, of Byesville; Adam B. Holiday, of Whipple; Ryan N. Bumgardner, of Williamstown; Maeve Ingrid Kennedy, of Marietta; Kelsey A. Parks, of Rinard Mills; Vanessa A. Gilchrist, of Parkersburg; Matthew J. Rankin, of Marietta; Cameron A. Stimpert, of Lewisville; Donald A. Jox, of Waterford; Emily J. Ketelsen, of Marietta; Chelsey J. Schott, of Whipple; Gillian T. Teters, of Waterford; Nikkia R. McCracken, of Sardis; Tyler J. Norris, of Macksburg; Alec D. Smith, of New Matamoras; Emily B. Jackson, of Marietta; Hunter D. Murdock, of Belpre; James E. Dillon, of Belpre; Jared M. Bloomfield, of Lowell; Kylee L. Newlen, of New Matamoras; Jeremy A. Dotson, of Cutler; Rachael L. Anfone, of McConnelsville; Rory K. Willey, of Lowell; Hunter L. Headley, of Marietta; Nicole L. Robertson, of Lower Salem; Brady M. Carrel, of Lowell; Kaylee M. Higgins, of Vincent; Benjamin A. Carlsen, of Vincent; Jacob C. Williams, of Logan; KaleyC. Boley, of Cutler; Kelsey M. Ogden, of Lewisville; Curtis S. Sunderman, of Newport; Kaitlyn N. Hager, of Belpre; Abigail F. Grayson, of Stockport; Seth M. Foutty, of Newport; Erin E. Evans, of Caldwell; Laken N. Dye, of Marietta; Amber E. Williams, of Summerfield; Kyle G. Gregory, of Beverly; Samantha A. Bennett, of Rockport, W.Va.; Richard B. Bolen, of Little Hocking; Eric M. Omietanski, of Marietta; Amber C. Brooks, of Marietta; Scott M. Gillian, of Coolville; Kelly S. Cleveland, of Marietta; Kaitlyn E. Saunders, of Gallipolis; William T. Wright, of Parkersburg; Jade A. Colvin, of Woodsfield; Grace I. Grammer, of Marietta; Lindsay M. Yoho, of Beverly; Eliza J. McKown, of Beverly; Troy A. Smithberger, of Whipple; Lucas T. Lang, of Lowell; Gracie E. Roush, of Coolville; Sarah B. Saho, of Marietta; Brittany A. Martin, of Marietta; Joel H. Bricker, of Marietta; John R. Allen, of Beverly; Hannah R. Pfeffer, of Caldwell; Jesse A. Taylor, of Parkersburg; Autumn K. Roddy, of Vincent; Katelynn R. Knowlton, of Marietta; Logan W. Lindsey, of Mineral Wells, W.Va.; Nathan Justinian, of Marietta; Leithon S. Stewart, of Beverly; Sierra L. Kirby, of Belle Valley; Caleb C. Sargent, of Marietta; Kendra M. Knight, of Davisville, W.Va.; Ariel R. Fish, of Middlebourne, W.Va.; Damon L. Metheney, of New Matamoras; Kendra A. Butcher, of Harrisville, W.Va.; Wendy J. Pineda Gonzalez, of Lower Salem; Elena C. Donnelly, of Marietta; Arizona M. Stewart, of Lowell; Kylee R. Holland, of Beallsville; Elayna R. Jacobs, of Marietta; Daniel K. Coleman, of Belpre; Amanda G. Kelsey, of Marietta; Shawna Ford, of Marietta; Lyndsey S. Marshall, of Marietta; Logan C. Brown, of Vincent; Hannah M. White, of Little Hocking; Parker J. Burris, of Caldwell; Shayna R. Indermuhle, of Sardis; Terri L. Meade, of Vincent; Patrick M. Goff, of Vienna, W.Va.; Cali A. Binegar, of Marietta; Jeremy D. Butler, of Ravenswood, W.Va.; Lindsey E. Furr, of Summerfield; Brooke A. Daniell, of Belpre; Elizabeth A. King, of Marietta; Ashley K. Bonnette, of Waterford; Jaden B. Quizon, of Marietta; Brandy A. Lockwood, of McConnelsville.


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