Tech training at O’Neill Center

O’Neill Center will be the site for technology training by Marietta College students from 12:45 to 3 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20. The tech fair is designed to help local adults age 50 and older learn how to use social media and today’s gadgetry, including smartphones, tablets and the latest software. Technology help will come from Marietta College McDonough Leadership, students providing one-on-one coaching to the tech novices. Learning new computer skills may do more than just help seniors become tech literate, it may also make their brains work more efficiently.

Bring your i-phone, i-pad, Kindles or any other small device that you need help using. There are so many opportunities to use the devices with so much available on all devices it always takes some time to learn about the possible uses. Call 740-373-3914 to ensure there will be time and the amount of students to help everyone.

The tech training will be held at O’Neill Center, 333 4th St., Marietta.