MOV author publishes fourth novel

Stephen Hupp has published his fourth novel, “Wings in the Night,” a sequel to “Daughter of the Valley.” Kat Tiffin and Erin Wells appear in this book set in Mid-Ohio Valley. They now investigate the legend of Mothman. Over half a century after appearing in Point Pleasant, Mothman comes to the Collinsburg, Two Rivers area. Kat and Erin are joined by their new friend Jenny Jordan in the effort to learn who Mothman is and why he is here. The work is available as an eBook or paperback through Amazon.

Hupp, library director at West Virginia University Parkersburg, has also published the books “Daughter of the Valley,” “Of Gods and Spirits” and “Born to the Breed,” all available through Amazon. In “Daughter of the Valley,” the ghost of Virginia Llewellyn haunts the Ohio Valley town of Collinsburg. She is at the center of an infamous folk tale that frames her as a vile person. Virginia approaches Dr. Kat Tiffin, history professor at Collinsburg College, to convince her that the story is untrue. Kat decides to investigate the tale, and enlists the assistance of two students in the project.

However, Kat is unaware that Virginia has ulterior motives. A descendant, the powerful head of a notorious mining company, will visit Collinsburg, and Virginia has plans for him. In Of Gods and Spirits, Toby Eckard, Danny Fox and Lucy Wilson follow distinctive spiritual practices. The warlock, Lakota Sioux holy man and voodoo priestess come from families that have practiced their traditions for generations. However, they are unique in one aspect; while their kinfolk believe in magic, these three people can perform it. On multiple occasions, they have used their powers to get people out of trouble. It also earns the trio the envy of their families. They remain unaware of the others existence until holy objects are stolen from their homes on the same evening. They join forces to make a hazardous cross-country journey to recover the objects. “Born to the Breed” Marty Dodd belongs to the fourth generation of a successful facing family. Possessing all the talent of the living legend Grandfather Karl, Marty looks forward to a successful career in NASCAR. However, parents Doug and Andrea have other plans- they want to see their daughter pursue a life outside racing.