Comfort Keepers franchising creates National Day of Joy

Comfort Keepers Franchising, Inc. recently completed some in-depth research on what seniors and their families want most for them. The research indicated that age did not change what people were seeking in life. Connectedness, love, purpose, hope and daily doses of joy were essential to quality of life for all age groups.

To encourage others to make the world a more joyful place, Comfort Keepers created the National Day of Joy, which is officially recognized and will take place every year on the last Wednesday in June. The annual celebration promotes the importance of finding and sharing joy each day.

Inspired by the research conducted on how to best increase quality of life and wellness for seniors, Comfort Keepers of the Mid-Ohio Valley celebrated the inaugural National Day of Joy this past week on June 26 by delivering happiness to the doorsteps of their clients and field staff.

Most clients and staff received a Movie Night gift basket filled with an assortment of movie-watching snack favorites (popcorn, candy, Coca-Cola, etc.) along with a DVD copy of the movie “The Upside” starring Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman. This touching comedy is based on the true story of an unlikely friendship that develops between a wealthy quadriplegic man and his younger caregiver. It illustrates beautifully how transformative and uplifting the client – caregiver relationship can be for both parties. What better way to experience joy than to watch a film that highlights how people of every age, every condition and every walk of life want to experience connectedness and joy.

Clients not in a position to take in a movie, received cheery bouquets color-coordinated for the National Day of Joy by Two Peas in a Pod florist along with some jokes for them to smile about.

Whether its reading, listening to music or going on vacation, West Virginians and Ohioans are finding joy in the everyday moments of life.

The findings lead to further research that identified the greatest sources of joy for people by state and releasing statewide results from the Comfort Keepers National State of Joy survey. Conducted April 26 to May 1, the survey polled Americans on what brings the most happiness into their lives, as well as which states report feeling the most joy on a day-to-day basis.

“At Comfort Keepers of the Mid-Ohio Valley we believe that no matter someone’s age, experiencing daily moments of joy is critical for maintaining physical health, mental health, and overall well-being,” said David Yeomans. “As results from the National State of Joy survey make clear, the seniors we serve want the same opportunities for joy and happiness that we all do. At Comfort Keepers, we understand this, which is why we focus on doing activities with our clients that bring them happiness, from listening to music to baking cookies to reliving family stories.”

Comfort Keepers is a market-leading provider of in-home care that allows seniors to live independently in their own homes. Through its in-home care network, Comfort Keepers empowers seniors to maintain their independence and realize joy in the everyday moments.

The State of Joy Survey

The National State of Joy survey sampled 5,360 men and women from all 50 states. Among the survey findings:

¯ The average level of joy reported by Ohioans and West Virginians in the survey was 7.0% and 6.6%, respectively (on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being most joyful) ranking them 19th and 42nd for joy in the country.

¯ Across the nation, the overall level of joy in American lives is 6.9 out of 10.

¯ Eighty-seven percent of those surveyed said the world needs more joy.

¯ In Ohio, 24.6 percent reported that spending time with my spouse/partner/significant other brought them the most joy, followed by 20% who said it was their immediate family, and 16.9% who answered it was their children.

¯ In West Virginia, there was a two-place tied at the top for first place with 18.9% reported that spending time with their children and immediate family brought them the most joy, followed by 16.2% who answered it was spending time alone.

¯ Nationwide, many of those surveyed mentioned family, children, grandchildren, and pets as the first things that come to their minds for bringing them joy.

¯ In Ohio, people in the 18-29 age group report the highest levels of joy with a 7.4 out of 10 score, followed by those 45-60 with a 7.2 out of 10 score, and the 30-44 age group with a 6.7 out of 10 score.

¯ In West Virginia people in the 45-60 age group report the highest levels of joy with a 7.3 out of 10 score, followed by those aged 18-29 with a 6.0 out of 10 score, and the 61 or older age group with a 6.0 out of 10 score.

¯ Across the U.S., those 61 or older averaged a rating of 7.2 out of 10, while those in the 45-60 age group reported the lowest average score, 6.68.

¯ The activities that bring Buckeyes the greatest amount of joy include reading (9.74%), listening to music (9.74%) and going on vacation/travelling (8.21%).

¯ The activities that bring Mountaineers the greatest amount of joy include listening to music (13.51%) followed by reading and watching sports (both at 8.11%).

¯ Other activities that brought out joy in Ohio and West Virginia included: going to the beach, exploring nature and swimming.

At a time when the daily news is dominated by crisis, division and cynicism, the National Day of Joy is designed to be an antidote to the constant negativity. To participate in the National Day of Joy after the fact and any day, Comfort Keepers is asking residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley to do something that makes them happy, then share their activity on social media using #DayofJoy.

“Whether it’s blowing bubbles with the grandkids, watching the Buckeyes or Mountaineers, taking a walk in nature, or just smiling and saying ‘hello’ to a stranger, the Day of Joy is all about finding a chance for happiness,” said David Yeomans. “Don’t miss the chance to carry joy forward into the world!”

For more information about the National Day of Joy and Comfort Keepers services, visit marietta-570.comfortkeepers.com/home.