4-H news

Ohio State Fair 4-H results announced

Nine local 4-H youth were recognized during the Ohio State Fair for receiving Outstanding of the Day Awards or Clock Trophy Awards. Outstanding of the Day awards were presented to the participants that scored in the top 20% of their class, whereas the top score of the day in each class received a clock trophy.

Melina Matics, Oak Grove Explorers 4-H Club

¯ Cake Decorating – Clock Trophy Winner

¯ Companion Animals-Cats – Outstanding of the Day

Brady Barth, Backyard Gang 4-H Club

¯ Growing with the Seasons – Clock Trophy Winner

Kesselyn Bigley, SL Homemakers LS Boys 4-H Club

¯ Veterinary Science-On The Cutting Edge – Outstanding of the Day

Ava Gebczyk, Oak Grove Explorers 4-H Club

¯ Companion Animals – Self-Determined – Outstanding of the Day

Leo Milazzo, Awesome Robotics 4-H Club

¯ Robotics 1 – Outstanding of the Day

Sierra Sinclair, Honeysuckle Hills 4-H Club

¯ Beyond the Grill – Clock Trophy Winner

Levi Reynolds, Warren Wranglers 4-H Club

¯ Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing – Outstanding of the Day

Jason Schultheisz, Backyard Gang 4-H Club

¯ Woodworking – Measuring Up – Outstanding of the Day

Hannah Seevers, Backyard Gang 4-H Club

¯ Companion Animals – Pet Rabbits – Outstanding of the Day

Trail Blazer 4-H Club

On July 18 at 6:30 p.m. the Trail Blazer 4-H Club had a meeting at the Washington County Fairgrounds. It was also the third Equine session.

There were 12 members and seven guests present at the meeting.

Old business: A report was given on the Kentucky Horse trip. Report was given on the non-livestock skillathon. Report was given on putting a flag out on Harmar Hill, Oak Grove and along State Route 7. There were 1,400 flags put out in honor of military.

New business: Aug. 3 – Livestock Skillathon for all FFA and 4-H members from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Make up skillathon is Aug. 6. RSVP required with $20 fee. Also non-livestock skillathon RSVP required.

Demonstrations were given by Matti Overby; Cavy Project: Ryace Boyer, horse safety.

Fairbooth committee – Travis Hoffman, Cory Hoffman, Emily Hoffman, Matti Overby and Ryace Boyer.

Trash can committee – Holly McCoy, Emily Martin.

The Camp Hervida lemon shake stand workers at Sternwheel Festival are Emily Hoffman, Travis Hoffman, Cory Hoffman and Matti Overby.

Need permission to use arena at Washington County Fairgrounds. Otherwise the arena will be locked due to safety and liability. At the fair must be stalled by 7:30 p.m. Friday and remain stalled until Tuesday at 4 p.m.


Next meeting: Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Barlow Fairgrounds.

Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club

The Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club met June 23 at the St. John School Pavilion at Churchtown. Secretary Brenner Schwendeman called the meeting to order with Sydney Heischman leading the USA pledge and member Kayla Schwendeman leading the 4-H pledge. The meeting was both a business meeting and a meeting to plan some of the club’s family outings. Christian Schwendeman did the roll call and minutes for the last meeting. Then James Shuster gave an updated treasurer’s report. The safety report was given by Blake Lang; the title of the report was “Grill Maintenance for Safety.” Kayla Schwendeman gave the health report, entitled “Beat the Heat.”

Under advisors’ announcements, the dates and locations for project judging and procedures for make-up judging were discussed. Under old business the club advisors reported on progress with the t-shirt project and final colors and design examples were given. By the time of the next meeting orders for the shirts could be given to the advisor.

The next item under old business was the club’s summer outing. The prices and times for the Sky Zone passed by vote and that trip will be the July meeting. After Sky Zone, the members voted to go on a chocolate tour.

The Cloverbud report involved the junior members showing the marshmallow ants they made and a display of the items they found on their nature hunt. This exercise was called being a nature detective.

The remainder of the meeting involved demonstrations.

¯ Kayla Schwendeman – “Pocket Pets: The Hamster.”

¯ Blake Lang – “Woodworking: Making a Flower Box.”

¯ Chad Lang – “Woodworking: Measuring Up.”

¯ James Shuster – “Wholesale Cuts of Beef.” This whole demonstration was done on the computer and James was reminded of a county public speaking contest using computer.

¯ Maddie Stanley – “Commands used in Archery.”

¯ Christian Schwendeman – “Market Lambs: Equipment and Practices.”

¯ Brenner Schwendeman – “Market Lambs: Preparing Your Lamb.”

Recreation was playing on the playground equipment and visiting the bird house to look for some feathers.

The next meeting will be July 24 at the Sky Zone with that being a family outing with all the food and drinks purchased at Sky Zone. A report of that meeting will occur in the early August meeting.