4-H News

Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club

The Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club met Aug. 11 at the St. John Senior Center in Churchtown. President Connor Tullius called the meeting to order with Christian Schwendeman leading the USA pledge and member Kayla Schwendeman leading the 4-H pledge. The meeting was mostly a work meeting to prepare for the Washington County Fair, involving work on both the booth and the planning for the trash can. Brenner Schwendeman did the roll call and minutes for the last meeting. Then Kail Bauerbach gave an updated treasurer’s report. The safety report was given by Kayla Schwendeman; the title of the report was “Swimming Precautions.” Blake Lang gave the health report, entitled “Tips for Keeping Cool.”

Under advisors’ announcements, reports about project evaluations and animal skillathons for animals were given. Animal pen set ups and tear downs were discussed.

Under old business, the club advisors reported on number of club tee shirts sold and money spent on the Sky Zone club trip. Members gave positive comments about the trip and the chocolate tour which followed and may vote to go again. This field trip was the July meeting for the club.

The main portion of the meeting was work on the club’s booth for the Washington County Fair. Each member did their own tracing, attached their picture and labeled the paper with name and office in the club. Some of the older members worked on the summary posters for the club’s yearly work. These older members were Christian Schwendeman, Connor Tullius and James Shuster.

After the meeting Mrs. Treadway, advisor, got a group photo.

The Cloverbud report involved the junior members showing a summary of all of their work this year. These summary pages will be used in the fair booth. They also gave a report on their service work this year; their two terrariums, made for the Endowment Dinner, sold well at the silent auction.

The remainder of the meeting involved a subcommittee meeting by the trash can committee. Members drew out the main idea for their trash can.

The Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club committee for trash can met Aug. 12 at the Schaad home in Lowell. This was strictly a work meeting to complete the trash can. Members on the committee were Sydney Heischman, Chad Lang, Caleb and Joel and Declan Schaad, and Kayla Schwendeman.

This group used their plan from Sunday’s meeting to completely finish the trash can. Mr. Evan Schaad had picked up and primed the can, but all designs and painting work was then done by these members. Mr. and Mrs. Schaad pulled out the grill and served hamburgers to the members; everyone had a good time.