Frontier Alumni Association reunion notes

Frontier High School Alumni Association for the classes 1969-1990 held their ninth annual class reunion June 7-8. Both nights, the festivities were held at the Marietta Country Club on Pike Street in Marietta. For the Friday night mixer-type of evening, approximately 125 classmates and or guests started arriving at the Country Club around 6 p.m. The mixer-type of evening offered guests a sound system for listening to music from the 70s and 80s eras. A cash bar, light snacks, soda and water was provided for the guests of Friday night.

Saturday at 6 p.m., guests started arriving to register and receive name tags. There were approximately 190 total alumni and or guests. Around 7 p.m., the class of 1969 proceeded to the balcony for a professional picture of just their class. Twenty-seven classmates from the class of 1969 came to the reunion to celebrate their 50th class reunion. After their class picture was taken, Mark Stewart of Stewart Photography gathered all classmates for a group picture. Anyone still interested in purchasing an 8×10 group photo can still do so for a $15 charge. The $15 charge includes the photo and mailing charges. Contact 740-374-4026 (Jeff) if you are interested.

Throughout the weekend the alumni browsed through picture albums, scrap books, year books, looked at the memorabilia table and viewed a slide show of previous reunions and functions the alumni has been involved in. A memory table was dedicated to the classmates from 1969-1990 that have gone ahead of us. The display is to honor the deceased classmates; their senior picture is placed in a photo album and then arranged in their appropriate year of graduation. A single candle was lit in their memory. The table also held a picture frame with each deceased classmates name in it. Adorning the table was a beautiful flower arrangement with six beautiful yellow roses, donated by Oopsa Daisy Florist in Newport.

Gary Hewitt (1970) gave a blessing before the buffet styled dinner began. The professional banquet staff at the Country Club did a wonderful job both Friday and Saturday night. Saturday night guests were served and enjoyed from the buffet, carved prime rib, bruschetta grilled chicken and tilapia with a lobster cream sauce. For dessert the talented Dawn Walls Gutberlet (1988) created and decorated a special FHS 50th reunion cougar head chocolate cake for the class of 1969 and another cougar head white cake in FHS colors. Also making it to the dessert table were hoho & peanut butter specialty cakes. Tammie Hines Sunderman (1986) made a sugar free delicious strawberry dessert. Door prizes were won throughout the evening that were provided by area merchants and alumni. Winners were asked to thank the business owners who donated as the winner went to collect their prizes. The band TRO from the Parkersburg area played after dinner. Half way through the evening a special guest entered the room and greeted the alumni. Dianna Steinhoff Springer (1985) donned the FHS cougar costume waving to alumni and taking pictures. After many pictures with the cougar were taken, a dance train was started behind the cougar. Guests danced behind the cougar throughout the banquet hall and out onto the patio.

Jeff Beaver (1976) president of the association spoke about some of the events that have occurred throughout the year. In the fall of 2018 many of the alumni worked the concession stand at the FHS homecoming football game. Parents that normally work the concession stand were able to watch the homecoming festivities and the football game. On May 4 the alumni held their eighth annual golf scramble at the St. Marys Golf Course in St. Marys, WV. On May 24 two seniors at FHS were both awarded a $500 scholarship at graduation. Committee members work hard to earn money that goes to the FHS 1969-1990 scholarship fund and towards special projects at the school. If you would like information on any of the activities the alumni participates in, please contact a committee member from any of the years 1969-1990. We welcome help on any and everything that we do. We are looking for someone to represent the classes of 1973, 1974 local, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1990 (local). While the committee does work hard at their events/projects, much fun is had by all.

Class representatives and committee members are as follows: 1969 – class representatives Garland Lauer Valentine and Becky Minger Wagner, and committee member Jody Gale Hewitt. 1970 – class representatives Kathy Hoff Griffin and Gary Hewitt and committee member Paul Valentine, 1971 – class representative Elmeda Hanlon. 1972 – class representative Sue Davidson Turner. 1973 – committee member Rick Tustin. 1974 – class representative Terry Valentine. 1975 – class representatives Cindy Evans Amos & Carol Williams Smith. 1976 – class representatives Jeff Beaver (president), Judy Morris Rutherford (treasurer) and committee members Cathy Beaver, Paula McPeek Creighton (vice-president) Kathy Satterfield Tustin and Pam Mendenhall Walters. 1977 – No representative. 1978 – class representatives Denise Handschumacher Davis and Sam Howard.1979 – class representative Adam Springer. 1980 – No class representative. 1981- class representative Pam Dye Rake and Barb Kiggans Lamp, committee members Jay Martin, Jeff Knowlton and Alice Cline Hurte. 1982 – class representative Bryon Sunderman. 1983 – No representative and committee member Peggy Joy Thomas. 1984 – No class representative and committee member Missy Beaver. 1985 – class representatives Connie Binegar Martin and Dianna Steinhoff Springer. 1986 – class representative Tammie Hines Sunderman and committee member Erica Holdren Knowlton. 1987 – class representative Deidra Leister Lane. 1988 and 1989 – No class representative. 1990 – class representative Kathy Beaver Stewart.

A live auction was held with several nice items being sold to the alumni. Jeff Beaver (1976) being somewhat of an auctioneer started the bidding off on a handcrafted wooden pendulum styled clock created and donated by Sam Howard (1978). High bidder and winner was Lloyd Morris (1978) who became the proud owner of the Sam Howard (1978) original clock. On Friday and Saturday nights, raffle tickets were sold to the alumni and they were in hopes of winning the second Sam Howard (1978) original clock. Kathy Hoff Griffin (1970) was the happy winner of the second clock through the raffle sales. Sue Davidson Turner (1972) crocheted and donated pillows and a lapghan all made in FHS colors. High bidder and winner was Jane Beattey (1975). Carolyn Resovsky Buddie (1972) donated a beautiful handmade quilt. High bidder and winner of the quilt was Mike West (1972) and Christine. Donated by Tortoise Shell Cat Stain Glass was a very nice stained glass picture. High bidder and winner of the stained glass was Carolyn Resovsky Buddie (1972). Christine Christian West (1972) crocheted and donated a family tree afghan. High bidder & winner of the afghan was Mike Schmidt (1975) & Brenda Renner Schmidt (1979). Creighton Sports Center, Inc. donated a nice cougar stadium blanket. High bidder and winner of the blanket was Jim Moore (1969). A second nice handmade quilt was donated by Belinda Estes Hess (1979) High bidder and winner of the quilt was Mike Schmidt (1975) and Brenda Renner Schmidt (1979).

FHS Alumni Association 1969-1990 will hold their 10th annual class reunion on June 12-13, 2020. More details closer to time of the reunion will be sent to the alumni classmates. We try to send to your email addresses and social media first, the USPS; it is important to make sure we have your current information. Unfortunately, we could not find any information on a lot of our classmates. Please contact 740-374-4026 so we can get you current.

The following classmates were in attendance:

¯ 1969 – Marla Binegar Arthur, Jeannie (Ron) Moore Berentz, Fred Cline, Debbie Hutchison Decker, John Decker, Judie Brooks Hartshorn, Bruce Haught, Rachel Hendricks, Jody (Rick) Gale Hewitt, Sheila (Jerry) Haught King, Bucky Lee, Robert (Sharon) J. Marshall, John Miller, Jim (Sherry) Moore, Victoria Powell Murphy, Jack (Brenda) Poynter, H. Keith (Debra Ann), Jimmy Smith, Mary Thomas Smith, Geneva Cameron Smitley, Phil Smitley, Jeanette Cunningham Styer, Louie Taylor, Karen (Rod) Workman Tolley, Garland Lauer Valentine, Becky Minger Wagner, Nancy (Bob) Masters Wark.

¯ 1970 – Becky Berentz Felton, Kathy Hoff Griffin, Judith Lane Haught, Gary (Peggy) Hewitt, Vicki Knowlton Lee, Letha (Brian) Grimes Reck, Paul Valentine.

¯ 1971 – Elmeda Hanlon, Rick Taylor, Cheryl Binegar Thomas, Tim Turner.

¯ 1972 – Cathy Marshall Binegar, Ron Boley, Carolyn Resovsky Buddie, Joyce Hearn, Keith Holdren, Casey King, Rod (Lauri) Masters, Teena Cline Taylor, Sue Davidson Turner, Mike (Christine) West, Christine (Wayne) Christian West.

¯ 1973 – Deanna Sue Beaver Congleton.

¯ 1974 – Robbie Holdren, Cecil Thomas, Ralph (Tammy) Riggs.

¯ 1975 – Cindy Evans Amos, Jane (Mary) Beattey, Gregory L. Becker, Pam Earley Childress, Karen Lauer Collins, Keith (Winnie) Gutberlet, Ronnie Langsdorf, Mike Schmidt, Carol Williams Smith, Ron (Tina) Smithberger, Debbie Grogg Stewart, Sandy Morris Taylor.

¯ 1976 – Jeff (Cathy) Beaver, Jeffrey (Margie) A. Becker, Paula (Ron and Marilyn) McPeek Creighton, Jerry Davis, Bill Greenwood, Janet Shingleton King, Teresa Carr Leister, Karen Riggs, Judy (Sam) Morris Rutherford, Steve (Linda) Stanwick, Kathy Satterfield Tustin.

¯ 1977 – Jeff (Vickie) Binegar, Dave Heiney, Lloyd (Becky) Morris, Michele (Richard) Boston Nicholson.

¯ 1978 – David Brightwell, Denise Handschumacher Davis, Al Estes, Celesta West Greenwood, Sam Howard, Tom Leister, Carla Cochran Mace, Dave (Becky) Minder, Melody Quick, Margie Riggs, Marjorie Rogers.

¯ 1979 – Rick (Kelly) Booth, Janette (Brady) Becker Broughman, Robert Handschumaker, Belinda Estes Hess, Jane Greenwood Heiney, Rex Kroll, Glenn Mace, Paul Metz, Brenda Renner Schmidt, Jane (Bruce) Edgar Schaad, Adam Springer, Vickie Dye Turner, Melissa (Matt) Dana Vollmar.

¯ 1980 – Lee Henegar Howard, Beth Ann (Roy) Marshall Weckbacher.

¯ 1981 – Timothy Wade Becker, Pam Bowersock Handschumaker, Brenda (Don) Herlan Heiney, Robert (Angie) McPeek.

¯ 1982 – Valerie Dye McPeek, Debra Newlen Wheeler, Bryon Sunderman.

¯ 1983 – Tom Becker, Melody Becker Bergerson, Peggy Joy Thomas.

¯ 1984 – Scott Dana, Teresa (Bill) Malone Evans, Mike (Beth) Rinard, Brenda (Jeff) Valentine.

¯ 1985 – Bryan Fickiesen, Dianna Steinhoff Springer.

¯ 1986 – Ferrin Thomas, Tammie Hines Sunderman, Jeff Webber.

¯ 1987 – Kelly Cochran Brightwell, Donna Brightwell Lambert.

¯ 1988 – Kristie Pritchett Leonard, Eric Wagner.

¯ 1989 – Victoria Hicks Knighten.

¯ 1990 – Donnie Handschumacher, Lesley Stine Handschumacher, Bob (Ann) Sarringhauser, Stephanie Williams.


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