Learning in Retirement classes at Marietta College for fall 2019

Fall term of the Institute for Learning in Retirement at Marietta College begins Sept. 9 and ends Nov. 1. All members of the community, regardless of age, are encouraged to register for the classes.

This term, four of the courses will follow the usual pattern of meeting for two hours, once per week for eight weeks. The cost for registration is $30. One course, Food History, will be the exception to the rule. It will run for only four weeks, not starting until Oct. 8, and the cost will be $20.

The program is organized and operated by volunteers and all courses are taught by knowledgeable instructors.

The fall session classes are:

≤ Journalism in Film. This course will explore how journalists and journalism have been portrayed in the movies over the past 75 years. The class will watch some great films and learn about the public’s perception of the journalist’s role in American life and democratic societies, how the public’s view of journalism has differed during various historical periods, and how these movies relate to the public’s view of journalism today. Supplemental readings will be provided. This class will meet on Mondays, beginning Sept. 9, from 3:30-5:30 p.m.* in Thomas Hall, Room 124, on the Marietta College campus. The instructor will be Linda Lockhart, Ph.D, Communication Department, Marietta College. (*Please notice that start and finish times are slightly later than usual.)

≤ Food History. Kyle Yoho, M. A. in Public History, Education Director at The Castle Museum, will discuss how food has changed over time, enlightening the class about the social, industrial, economic, and even political alterations these changes have brought throughout American history. The class will follow America’s food timeline from Jamestown to Motown and take a look at some local food history as well. Class members will have a chance to sample foods connected to the discussions. This class will meet in Thomas Hall, Room 124, on Tuesdays for four weeks, beginning Oct. 8 from 3-5:00 p.m., with a potluck dinner on Nov. 5 from 5-7 p.m., the place to be announced. The cost is $20 for this four-week course.

≤ Moneyball and More: The Economics of Sport. In this course, Greg Delemeester, Ph.D, Economics, Marietta College, will discuss how sports provide a laboratory for examining a number of issues that affect the wider economy, including salary determination, inequality, monopoly power, and discrimination. He will also take a look inside the world of superstars, franchise values, stadium subsidies, and competitive balance, as they affect MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and others. This class will meet on Wednesdays, 3-5 p.m., beginning Sept. 11 in Room 124 of Thomas Hall.

≤ Bridging the Divide with Civil and Skillful Conversation. This course draws upon social psychology and the work of the organization Better Angels to address the heightened polarization that is endangering civil and productive conversation in our nation. Participants will identify shared values, learn skills for coping with difficult conversations, deepen knowledge of relevant social issues (such as the opioid crisis, charter schools, and restrictions on social media), and apply new skills and understandings to develop policy recommendations and personal commitments to action. It is advised that there is a balance of “red voters” and “blue voters” in the class for the most effective classroom exchanges.

Instructors will be George Banziger, Ph. D, retired social psychologist and academic dean, and Martha McGovern, Ph. D, retired K-12 educator and Associate Professor, Emerita, WVU at Parkersburg. This class will meet in Room 202, Thomas Hall, on Thursdays, 3-5 p.m. beginning Sept. 12.

≤ Lacrosse. Shawn Runyon, Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Marietta College, will provide an in-depth look at the fastest growing sport in America today. He will talk about the history and Native American origins of Lacrosse and how the game has evolved to its current form. The basic skills, rules, and concepts of Lacrosse will be discussed, as well as the different variations in which it is played. This class will meet Fridays, in Thomas Hall, Room 124, beginning Sept. 13.

To enroll, visit the Institute for Learning in Retirement website at marietta.edu/ilr. For more information, contact Martha McGovern, program chair, at 304-375-7632, or Dave Cress, director, at 740-373-2999.


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