O’Neill Center driver retires

After 21 years of dedicated service to the O’Neill Center, Richard Borman has decided to retire from his position as driver. Mr. Borman began his career in July of 1998 with the O’Neill Center, following his retirement from Connex Pipe. His second career allowed him to transport seniors to O’Neill’s adult day center and medical appointments, serving our community in his retirement years. He is a veteran, having served with the U. S. Air Force.

“He was an excellent driver and provided the community with his esteemed service through his employment. He truly cared about those he served and we were blessed to have had him on our team for twenty-one years.” said Connie Huntsman, executive director of the O’Neill Center.

A celebration was held in his honor at the O’Neill Center on Sept. 26 in observance of his years of service.