Marietta Chapter #59 Order of the Eastern Star annual installation

Marietta Chapter # 59 OES had their annual installation of officers for 2020. The chapter was open at 7:30 p.m. as a special meeting. Those that register the members and guests were: Jean Moury, Past Matron of Marietta Chapter and Shelli Covell. Member of the chapter. Worthy Matron Mary Boston and Worthy Patron George Birklein open the special meeting for the evening.

Those that was presented by conductress Jan Emge and Associate conductress protem Kim Foreman were Worthy Grand Patron Charles Merckle, Past Grand Matron Sandi Herman and Past Grand Patron Steve Farus. They were escorted to the east and given Grand Honors. Grand officers presented in west were Grand Organist Darla Revennaugh, Grand Ruth Jean Henderson and Grand Electa Mary Boston; those also presented were: Deputy Grand Matrons District 25 Diane Hershmen and District 15-16 Alice Means; Grand Representatives; Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patron of other chapters and Past Matrons and Past Patrons of Marietta Chapter.

Recognized were: Brothers of Masonic Fraternity; 50 year members; Trustee of OES home; officers of District 25; members of grand chapter committee; District Charities director; Grand Appointments and Club 25.

The installing officers for the evening were: Installing officer Diane Merckle, Past Matron of Matamoras chapter, she was assisted by Worthy Grand Patron Charles Merckle; installing marshal Barbara Fischer; past matron of Valley Chapter; installing chaplain David Merckle, past patron of Matamoras chapter; installing organist Twila Childs, past matron of Harrisonville chapter and escort for the evening was Harold Hollister, past patron of Mt. Moriah chapter.

The following officers were installed for the year of 2020: Worthy Matron Kathy Wentz; Worthy Patron Richard Roe; Associate Matron Mary Boston; Associate Patron George Birklein; Secretary Garnet E. Dye; Treasurer Karla Cale; Conductress Kim Foreman; Associate Conductress Taylor MacKinnon; Chaplain Lee Peterson; Marshal Michael Emge; Organist Carolyn Anderson; Adah Iesa McVay; Ruth Jan Emge; Esther Joyce Dye; Martha Erica Huddleston; Electa Kathy Hutchinson; Warder Steve Hutchinson and Sentinel Gary L. Dye

Worthy Matron Kathy Wentz and Worthy Patron Dick Roe theme for the year is “Music can change the world because music can change people.” The colors for the year is black and blue with the emblem is OES star and trumpet.

Conductress Kim Foreman and Associate conductress Taylor MacKinnon escort Junior Past matron Mary Boston and Junior Past patron George Birklein in the west they were presented monetary gifts from the chapter by Hoyt Boston, Past Patron of Marietta Chapter and Garnet E. Dye, Past matron of Marietta Chapter.

The visiting chapters gave a few announcements of the upcoming events in their chapters.

Worthy Matron Kathy Wentz ask all members to bring can food to the November meeting she will be taking it to the Gospel Mission Food Pantry. She also thanked all the officers for taking their stations, installing officers and everyone else helping with the installation and for everyone attending the installation.

Worthy Grand Patron Charles Merckle and Deputy Grand Matron Diane Hershman gave a few remarks for the evening.

Worthy Matron ask everyone to repeat the Mizpah Benediction and the blessing was given by Steve Farus, Past Grand Patron of Grand Chapter of Ohio.

The distinguished guests, visitors, officers and members retired to the dining room that was decorated in orange and black with pot luck refreshments that was served by Judy VanDyk, Rilla Wetz, Mary Hensley, Jessica Douglas and Jeannette Randolph.