Recycling Center reopening with precautions in place for COVID-19

Marietta Area Recycling Center will reopen May 16. New hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Access to the site will be closed off for drop off of recyclables during closed hours.

It is important to understand that this site is run entirely by volunteers. We have a unique situation in which we rely on the public to drop off with and without volunteers being present. Reopening the site has been thought through so that protections are in place for both the public and volunteers alike. These measures are taken so that we can reopen and stay open for recycling drop-off. We rely on the cooperation and goodwill of the public to be able to keep operations open by adhering to the following protocol:

¯ Wear a mask;

¯ Maintain 6′ social distancing;

¯ Have recyclables sorted (see below);

¯ Three-day delay – Although volunteers will be handling with gloves, we ask you to provide extra protection by only bringing recyclables that you have not handled for three days. This minimizes the risk of any virus on the surface to volunteer.

If you are not feeling well, or have a fever, please do not bring your recyclables for drop-off.

Have recyclables sorted

This is more important than ever. We are open a limited number of days and also will have limits on-site capacity. You should have materials sorted so that it is easy to do a quick stop, drop and go in the appropriate containers and limit sorting materials on site.

¯ Aluminum cans – If you have a number of aluminum cans and they are bagged, please leave the bag(s) over by the aluminum cage to the right of the Green Shed. The totes are only to be used for cans that come in loose and unbagged.

¯ Plastics – If you have bagged plastics, please leave them over by the “Treasure Corner” tables. We are trying to limit handling of individual plastics. There will still be totes available for loose plastics drop off.

Limit of five members of the public in drop-off area at a time

We ask that when you pull in you assess the current number of people out of their vehicles and in the drop-off area. If there are more than five people in this area, please wait in your vehicle until someone returns to theirs and then you can get out of the car. Please make sure you go in order of who comes into the lot first.

Cardboard and paper trailer

Both trailers will have a sign situated on the outside of the trailer stating that only one person should be on the trailer at a time. This is in addition to a volunteer if they are present. This is required to maintain 6′ social distancing in such confined space.

Why are these precautions being taken?

The Ohio Department of Health strongly recommends the use of masks by the public and we are required to have measures in place to maintain 6′ for social distancing within a workspace which due to our site configuration requires limiting capacity.

Furthermore, a survey conducted by researchers at UCLA, National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Princeton University found that COVID-19 survival rates on surfaces are as follows:

¯ Cardboard – 24 hours.

¯ Plastics – Three days.

¯ Steel – Three days.

¯ Aluminum – Two to eight hours.

¯ Glass – Five days.

¯ Paper – A few minutes to several days depending on surface.

We are taking these steps to mitigate any exposure to volunteers as well as the public dropping off at MARC.

This is a new process for us and we ask for your patience as we work to try to find the best mode of operation. Any changes will be posted at the physical site and also on our webpage, mariettarecycling.org, so that you can be as informed as possible. NOW, LET’S RECYCLE!

Questions? Call 740-373-3372 or you can contact us via Facebook page (MARC Marietta Area Recycling Center).


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