Muskingum Garden Club meets for July

The Muskingum Garden Club held its July meeting at Kiwanis Club Picnic Shelter on Gilman Road. LaTrelle Ellis, president, was the hostess. She opened the meeting at 10:25 a.m. After The Pledge of Allegiance, LaTrelle Ellis offered grace. During the meeting, due to our uncertain times, the members ate a bag lunch.

Roll call was answered with problems with our gardens, in these difficult times, and the ample rainfall we experience several weeks ago.

Secretary’s Report was read by Val Hoover. It was approved after discussion.

Treasure’s Report was given by Nadine Kasick. It was approved as presented.

Thoughts of inspiration were given by Val Hoover, myself, on self-discipline by Edgar Guest.

Garden hints were discussed; house plants need to be taken care of and to make sure they are not overwatered, which causes root rot.

As we try to control the moles that can damage or kill our lawns, there is an “insignificant looking plant” that can be planted; it is called mole-bane.

The mole eats part of a root and it dies and is never seen again. It is suggested that that plant as well as lily of the valley not be planted in the vegetable garden near root crops.

Old business was presented by LaTrelle Ellis. Nadine Kasick and Latrelle spruced up our bed on Sacra Via between Second and Third Streets; it shows our flowering bushes. Judy VanDyk suggested that we might plant some hardy mums to brighten up the fall season.

There was discussion as to how might we celebrate our Garden Club’s 80th anniversary, since our plans had to be abandoned due to the pandemic. There were suggestions made that we might celebrate next year as 80+1 years of “Knowing, Growing, Showing, Sharing.”

New business: Years 2020-2021 program ideas are being collected by LaTrelle Ellis and Debbie Naeser.

It was suggested that the events that were scheduled but did not come to fruition due to our circumstances of staying at home. There was discussion of a celebration on the river.

Communications: There were thank you notes for flowers. County meeting for planning for the fair will be July 24 at 10:30 at the Barlow Fair grounds.

August meeting location TBA.

This months’ program was a visit to Lily Farm in Stanleyville. Notwithstanding the hot weather, attendees enjoyed the beautiful lilies. Many thanks to the proprietors of Lily Farm.


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