Student of the Month prefers being the unsung hero

Eli Hunter is an unassuming student at Washington State Community College (WSCC). He makes it his business to do his best in the classroom but needs no accolades for his hard work. His status as WSCC’s new Student of the Month is therefore outside his area of comfort. Yet his humble nature makes his chosen career path no surprise.

Hunter is finishing the final weeks of the Radiology Technology program, which will lead to a career as an unsung hero. In addition to hours of classroom learning, he has invested a significant amount of time in clinical rotations at area hospitals where he has gained experience in various specialized areas. During his surgical rotation, it became clear to Hunter that the operating room (OR) environment would be his favorite.

In the OR, Hunter works expertly in the background, safely hidden behind the veil of the lead vest and in the shadow of the surgeon. He garners no direct attention from anyone beyond the walls of the sterile room, and that’s exactly what Hunter prefers. “In the operating room, I’m running the x-ray machine and know that they couldn’t do that surgery with me; that solidified it for me. In that moment, it feels good to be important, but I don’t need to be recognized for it.” Hunter humbly acknowledged.

Hunter’s friendly, yet low-key style has garnered the attention and respect of his instructors and Radiology Technology professionals alike. “Eli performs professionally, far above the role of a radiology student,” credited Clinical Coordinator Aimee Phillips. “He knows his responsibilities and presents himself well,” she continued. “He is respected by the radiology technologists in the clinical settings because they know he can be trusted.” In fact, his highly esteemed reputation resulted in an early job offer that he is set to begin immediately following graduation.

The Radiologic Technology Program at WSCC features a Marietta Memorial Hospital sponsored Certificate Award program with articulation to Washington State for an Associate of Applied Science degree. The Certificate (of Completion), awarded by Marietta Memorial Hospital, allows students to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (A.R.R.T.) credentialing exam to become a Registered Radiologic Technologist. For more information about enrolling in the Rad Tech, contact Admissions at 740-568-1900.


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