New book for Civil War buffs

“Kanawha River Gold,” a new book by Mr. Jim Barney, has been released by RoseDog Books.

Civil War buffs, problem solvers, and online sellers will enjoy “Kanawha River Gold.” Set in the town of Winfield, W.Va., several local folks find a listing on eBay for a logbook that was taken down the Kanawha River in the early 1900s on a treasure hunting expedition.

The logbook contained clues to a Confederate Civil War treasure hidden somewhere along the river to keep it from Union forces, but the treasure hunters were overcome by icy waters and strong currents and the logbook was lost. This fast-paced tale will carry you on a journey with as many twists and turns as the Kanawha River and includes plenty of local history. Communities such as Leon, Frazier’s Bottom, and Poca become part of the treasure hunting adventure, and the Vignere Code, used by the Confederate Army to pass messages, may be the key to finding the location. Kanawha River Gold will entertain you with characters and events you can relate to on your journey through West Virginia.

≤ About the author

Jim Barney, a retired school superintendent and now an auctioneer, purchased, quite by accident, a logbook for a sternwheeler that traversed the Kanawha River. This logbook did not have any secret codes when he sold it on eBay – at least none that he was aware of – but it certainly gave him some “what ifs” to consider. Barney thoroughly enjoys finding treasures at auctions or garage sales.

He always hopes to buy low and sell high and not the other way around and, with over 3,000 sales on eBay, has a pretty good success rate. A native Ohioan, he and his wife of 40 years have gone back to her hometown of Upper Sandusky where they hope to retire.


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