Five new communities served by SOPEC

The Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) is pleased to announce that five new member communities, the villages of Chesterhill, Lowell, and Rio Grande and the cities of Belpre and Gallipolis, will now be served by the SOPEC Electric Aggregation Program. The communities’ respective opt-out electric aggregation program will be supplied by AEP Energy, a competitive retail electric service provider, and will begin on the February 2021 meter-read date — this date is different for every residential and small commercial electric account enrolled.

This will be the first opt-out electric aggregation program adopted in the villages of Chesterhill, Lowell, and Rio Grande as local aggregation measures were approved by a voter majority in each community in April 2020. The cities of Belpre and Gallipolis were previously supplied by AEP Energy alone through electric aggregation and have now activated the SOPEC Electric Aggregation Program as member communities. In joining SOPEC, the new electric aggregation price represents a more than a 12% reduction from Belpre’s previous aggregation supply rate and a more than 8% reduction for Gallipolis.

Eligible AEP Ohio electric utility accounts in Belpre, Chesterhill, Lowell, and Rio Grande will receive a generation price of 4.867 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The City of Gallipolis will receive a generation rate of 4.731 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Program details are listed on the opt-out letters that were sent to every new account that will be served by SOPEC and supplied by AEP Energy. These prices are fixed for four (4) months until June 2021. SOPEC and AEP Energy will secure a new price, based on market conditions at the time of execution, that will then start on the June 2021 meter-read date.

SOPEC is a nonprofit council of governments serving nineteen communities in Southeast Ohio across seven counties. SOPEC is governed by the communities it serves. SOPEC will never call customers or visit their homes asking customers to switch suppliers. Residents can clearly see on their electric bill that they are paying the SOPEC generation rate provided by AEP Energy and can rest easier knowing that they are already receiving a competitive offer through SOPEC. All SOPEC community prices are listed here.

AEP Ohio electric accounts will be ineligible to join the program if they are already enrolled with a retail supplier, are served by Ohio’s PIPP program, or registered on the PUCO Do-Not-Aggregate list, among other conditions. SOPEC customers may enter into a new service agreement with another competitive supplier, opt-out, or opt back into the program anytime without fees. Above all, SOPEC values choice for its customers and it strives to provide the best choice aligned with the values and goals of the communities it serves.

For any questions or comments, please reach us at support@sopec-oh.gov or call 740-597-7955 to leave a voicemail and a SOPEC staff member will call you back. Customers that wish to enroll in the SOPEC Electric Aggregation Program can contact AEP Energy at 1-877-726-0214 or through the online enrollment portal – enroll.aepenergy.com/acquisition/aggregation.


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