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The Muskingum Garden Club April meeting was a tour of greenhouses to get spring plants for planting butterfly gardens in several location in Marietta. Our first stop was in Amesville, Ohio, at Companion Plant Greenhouse. Next, we visited Katie Kierns Greenhouse, where found more native Ohio plants.

What eye candy! While driving on country roads, we enjoyed many redbud, flowering crab apple and dogwood tees in bloom as well as wild spring flowers along the road. The beauty of spring was before us including bright sunshine along with nature awakening. Our Region 11 Director Susan Jennings joined us and helped us find a lovely lunch place. We enjoyed lunch at Triple Nickle restaurant in Chesterhill, Ohio, near Barlow. What a joy it was to be with our friends sharing food, after having been cloistered for so long. We still were “bemasked” and social distancing. Those attendees were Region 11 Director Susan Jennings, Vice President Debbie Naeser, Nadine Kasick, Judy VanDyk and Val Hoover.


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