Beck named student of month

This year has been drastically different for Washington State Community College (WSCC) Student of the Month April Beck. In 2020, she found herself reeling from pandemic-related events that ultimately forced her to shift her perspective and begin a new chapter in her life. Today she’s enrolled in college and finally pursuing her life-long dream to earn an accounting degree.

Last year was a tough year for Beck. Sadly she lost her father, and best friend, to COVID-19. In addition, her employer was forced to close its doors because of the pandemic and she found herself unemployed. The single mom, whose son plays basketball for Muskingum University, knew she too needed more education if she wanted to find a job that paid more than meager wages. “There is nothing really around this area that doesn’t require a college degree if you want to make a decent amount of money,” said Beck.

She knew it was her dad’s desire for her to go to college. “He always wanted me to go [to college] to better myself and give myself a secure future. He believed in me,” she said tearfully. So, after talking with friends who were WSCC alumni, the Williamstown resident decided she too could find success across the river.

Since pursuing a degree in accounting had been her aspiration since she took courses in high school, choosing a major was an easy decision. Once she was enrolled, her next obstacle was building self-confidence. Suddenly faced with the fact that she hadn’t stepped inside a classroom for more than 20 years, Beck questioned herself, “Can I do this? Can I still write an English paper?” And admits she has had to seek the assistance of her 20-year-old son. This reversal of roles is a new experience for the mom who spent most of her life being the homework helper and standing on the sidelines cheering for her son. The pride she has always had in her son’s accomplishments is being replicated as he now brags to his friends about her achievements.

Included in the list of her accolades, Beck is the receipt of the Donald Morris Charitable Trust Scholarship through the WSCC Foundation which covers tuition, standard fees, books, mandatory supplies, and any testing fees associated with the pursuit of a degree.

She said getting the scholarship was an affirmation that going to college was the right decision and that the faith she has in herself was not misplaced. “I can accomplish anything that I want when I put my mind to it,” she said proudly.

And added, “I’m on a mission to better myself. To fulfill my dreams and to do something I never thought was possible in my life.”

Beck anticipates completing her associate degree in Accounting Technology in 2023 and plans to continue her education to become a certified public accountant.


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