Police/sheriff’s reports


• Police and EMS were dispatched to the 100 block of Seventh Street on Aug. 13 in reference to a 57-year-old woman slumped over in the driver’s seat of her car. Forced entry was made into the car and the woman was transported to the hospital. She was pronounced dead at the hospital of suspected natural causes.

• Britney A. Perrera, of 731 Glendale Road, reported Aug. 13 that a man whom she knew appeared to be intoxicated and kicked her door. When she would not answer he threw a concrete block through her window.

• James A. Feltis, of 1010 Hadley Lane, reported Aug. 14 that a woman had come to his home asking for money. After her visit, his change purse with cash in it was missing.

• Alta P. Slack, of 240 Hillcrest Drive, reported Aug. 14 that both license plates were missing from her car. This case remains under investigation.

• Officers responded to a burglar alarm at Farmers Mutual Insurance, 435 Third St., on Thursday and found someone had attempted forced entry.

• Michael L. Dye, of 113 Clark St., reported a breaking and entering on Thursday. The front door was kicked in but no items were missing. This case remains under investigation.

• An officer recovered an abandoned bike in the 100 block of Maple Street on Friday. The owner later claimed it.

• A break-in was reported Friday at River City Financial Services, 419 Second St.

• Joshua C. Denton, of 1316 Lancaster St., reported Friday that his bike had been stolen and the chain lock cut off in the 200 block of Second Street.

• Officers responded to 108 Theis Ave., Apt. 6 on Friday for a welfare check. It was learned that the David Decker, the ex-boyfriend of resident Maranda D. Lee, was at the residence in violation of a protection order.

• Officers responded to an aggravated robbery at McDonald’s, 729 Glendale Road, on Friday. The suspect was later arrested.

• An officer was dispatched to 300 Phillips St. on Saturday in reference to a disturbance. Gary L. Jackson and Robert P. Boyce Jr., both of that address, were both issued minor misdemeanor citations for disorderly conduct by fighting.

• On Monday, an officer was dispatched to CVS Pharmacy in reference to a man who appeared to be unconscious at the steering wheel. A man was found passed out at the wheel with the vehicle running and in drive. A search of the vehicle revealed needles and drug paraphernalia along with an unknown green powder. Andrew J. Lucas was charged with OVI, possesion of drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia and several traffic violations.

• David W. Brown, of 204 Ingleside Ave., reported a breaking entering Monday into a detached garage. Several lawn and garden items were stolen.

Reports/Washington County

•A deputy was dispatched to a possible domestic violence incident Sunday in Newport Township. Upon speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

• Deputies responded to 307 Upper Fifteenmile Creek Road, Wingett Run, on Sunday for a report of an assault. Homer Fry Jr. said his brother, Tyrone Fry, was assaulted and his truck was stolen. Tyrone’s vehicle was located wrecked in a creek. A car was also located near the scene and appeared to have been struck multiple times. The owner of the car arrived at the scene and stated they were looking for their son, who had driven the car. The car occupants were Terry A. Dunn Jr. and Gabriel Zane, who exited the woods scared and shaken, stating that Tyrone had rear ended their car, pushing them off the road and into a ditch, then crashing his own truck into the creek. Dunn stated that after the first hit to the car another truck came along and struck their car extremely hard. The second vehicle was reported to be driven by Homer. Both Fry subjects then left the area in Homer’s vehicle while Dunn and Zane hid for fear of being assaulted. Tyrone and Homer Fry were both evasive and changing their stories. Tyrone Anthony Fry, 33, and Homer M. Fry Jr., 53, of 208 Upper Fifteenmile Creek Road, Wingett Run, were placed under arrest and each charged with two counts of felonious assault, and obstructing official business.

• A deputy was dispatched to a possible domestic violence incident in Marietta Township and Fearing Township on Sunday. Upon speaking with all parties they were both determined to be unfounded.

• A deputy responded to 6361 State Route 555, Little Hocking, on Monday for a report of a domestic dispute. William and Kimberly Zinser were at the home with other family members when William Zinser threatened to shoot and kill all of them. William had left the home prior to a deputy arriving. A warrant is being requested through Marietta Municipal Court for domestic violence and two counts of aggravated menacing on William J. Zinser, 59.

• A deputy was dispatched to Muskingum Township on Monday in reference to a report of domestic violence. In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

•A deputy was dispatched to Adams Township on Monday in reference to a report of domestic violence. In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

• On Monday, a deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Schnaus. Schnaus was visibly shaking and seated by a large knife. He admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle. A search of Schnaus revealed a small green baggie from his pocket. Schnaus threw out some loose change and a few baggies containing white powder, admitting these baggies were cocaine. A later search of the vehicle revealed marijuana, multiple pipes, a spoon with suspected drug residue and a straw with suspected drug residue. Jeffery Bernard Schnaus, 36, of 1717 Woodcliff Circle, Atlanta, Ga., was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, marked lanes and following too closely.

• A deputy responded to the Holiday Inn, 970 Pike St., Marietta, on Monday in reference to a male subject acting out. Deputies observed Kevin Peters who had been causing a scene, but had calmed down. Peters had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about his person. When Peters was being placed under arrest he started resisting. Kevin R. Peters, 23, of 4582 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, Texas, was transported to the Washington County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

• On Tuesday, a deputy received a warrant while working at the Washington County Jail for the arrest of Donald B. Sirrell. A charge of fugitive from justice was filed on Sirrell through Marietta Municipal Court.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Jacob Joseph Huck, 25, of 101 Groves Ave., Marietta, was arrested for driving under the influence, a misdemeanor.

• Brandon Emery Williams, 31, of 6250 Grand Central Ave., Vienna, was arrested for violation of a protection order, a misdemeanor.

• Jeffrey Bernard Schnaus, 36, of 1717 Woodcliff Circle, Atlanta, Ga., was arrested for drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, misdemeanors, and possession of cocaine, a felony.

• Ronald Dean Welch, Jr., 48, of 122 Harmar St., Marietta, was arrested for possession of drugs, a misdemeanor, and contempt of court, a felony.

• Andrew Joe Lucas, 43, of 512 Fifth St., Lowell, was arrested for drug paraphernalia, possession of drug abuse instruments, driving under the influence, fictitious registration, driving under suspension and failure to appear, misdemeanors.

• Matthew Thomas Lutzen, 39, of 740 State Route 821, Whipple, was arrested for driving under OVI suspension, misdemeanor.